Feature request: Convert gold/gem to xp

Please as a feature to convert / buy xp with gold or gems. At later levels the xp requirements to increase an level is very large, and I am talking about completing tens of thousand of Challenges to get enough xp to level.

Also it will help boosting the xp of newly acquired heroes.

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the majority of xp (90%) or so comes from upgrading your equipment. buying xp with gold/gems doesn’t make sense imo

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Use gems and gold to buy chests and equipment, level up equipment, get XP.

Upgrading gear doesn’t fit the D&D motif, which makes it very odd to be a key component of the character advancement instead of a component of fighting enhancement.

D&D is not based on your gear getting better, but rather on getting better gear. Your gear has little to nothing to do with your eXPerience and level advancement.

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This entirely depends on which edition of D&D you’re talking about. In AD&D and 2nd edition gold = experience.

My nerd showing: That was 1E, which went away in 2E to never return. However, you are right, there was a time when Gold equated XP, but I can’t cite a time when gear (or gear improvement) equated XP.

It’s optional in 2nd edition (p. 69 of the DMG).


Last paragraph on the page, @Faz?

“As an option, the DM can award XP for the cash value of non-magical treasures. One XP can be given per gold piece found. However, overuse of this option can increase the tendency to give out too much treasure in the campaign.”

That’s what you’re referring to?

While you are absolutely correct, this was an optional rule in the 1989 version of the RPG, I don’t think this venue is based on a 30 year old version of the game. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t negotiate to use 30 year old IP, but rather the current IP. I admit, though, I could be wrong, they could have gotten access to 2e, and are using Planescape for Tieflings, but then Dragonborn don’t fit in there.

I’d personally like to see more benefit from leveling of characters, the direct gain is very little.

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