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Feature request - feeding

Hi Ludia,

My son (age 6) really really likes to watch the dinosaurs eat. However, once they are maxed, I can’t feed them anymore, and he doesn’t understand why and gets very upset.

Can we make it so that we can feed the dinosaurs anytime we want, even if they are capped out?



I like that idea. Have it be a seperate buttons so that you could feed the dino without leveling it up, so that it doesn’t get mixed up with the actual feed button.

I suggested this awhile ago as a “snack” feature or something to feed them but have no real game affect other than to see them be feed.

My son felt the same way.


Come on Ludia! If you don’t want to do it for us do it for the kids !

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I’ll say it again here. A “kid mode” feature that lets us parents and grand-parents hand over the game to our little ones so that they can see the dinosaurs and interact with them without us having to worry about them hitting the wrong button would be just great.

My son is three and loves feeding the dinosaurs and finds petting them hilarious. I just wish I could let him rip with it. As it is I don’t even let him hold the phone for fear of him selling off my dinos.