Feature Request Legendary Dragons

This is a small request. When legendary Dragons return from a search, their menu icon is flagged with a green number, indicating that they are ready for collection. Right now the Red number flag is used only when there is a special offer on a legendary. I’d like the red flag to also indicate when a Legendary is idle, since I sometimes fail to send it back on search after collecting, and might not look at their section of the map for a long time. The red flag would allow us to quickly check which Dragon is idle. Bonus for Ludia is that the Legendary red flag would be less likely to be ignored, and so would drive views of those special offers as well. :slight_smile:

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Voir mon commentaire sur ‘ombre alpha’.
T’embête pas, ça coûte très chère pour par longtemps et pas grand chose !

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See my comment on ‘alpha shadow’.
Don’t bother, it’s very expensive for a long time and not much!

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