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FEATURE REQUEST: Permanent Open Skilled / Friendly Arena Ladder

While I can only speak for myself, it appears with the advent of boosts, the potential power disparity between players of similar ladder rankings is going to widen even further.

With that in mind, it would be fantastic to feature a permanent ladder that bears much of the same rules as the Open Skilled Tournament. While I’m not advocating that the player base acclimate themselves to a new environment where their time played/resources expended are made irrelevant, it would be great to have a way to more easily find matches where decision-making and predictions in a match are the biggest factors, especially when friends aren’t online to play a friendly match.

This wouldn’t replace the standard arena, but it would be another game mode apart from standard. In addition, the rewards wouldn’t be nearly as generous, if any rewards are to be given at all.

I love the capturing concept, visuals, and combat mechanics of this game at its core, and I think a lot of your players, both free and VIP, would be able to enjoy the game more completely with a feature like this.

Please jump on board the wagon if you like this idea and reply to it!