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Feature Request: Raid Boss Lure

User Story: As a player, I want to utilize an inventory item to “lure” raid bosses within a vicinity outside of my home range directly to me, in order to have more access to raid bosses while being confined to a single location (for remote-work, quarantine, etc.).


  • Inventory item purchasable in store using a reasonable amount of coins or HC
  • Appropriate movement animations as the raid boss(es) approach my location
  • Lure should resemble Donald Gennaro cowering on a toilet seat (see attached image for example).

Thank you for your consideration!


This is AWESOME! I +1 it!

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I think this is going to happen. Ludia must get all sorts of requests and stuff, but whoever reads this will immediately render a mini 3D lawyer sitting on a bog, and add it to everyone’s item bag. It’s a done deal. Surely.

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I could already imagine a Mortem running towards me at home, would be pretty terrifying ngl

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