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[Feature request] Sanctuary - see last feeding time & get more feeding items

At the moment most of DNA I need for evolving my Dinos comes from Sanctuaries (I am missing just 8 normal Dinos + 4 Apex’es). So I have been trying to use sanctuaries a lot, but I have 2 issues that work against me.

  1. You can get new DNA every 3 hours, but there is no way to see how many time has elapsed. I would propose to add “Info” icon to Dino, when you open him in sanctuary. Under info button, then you could see when did you last time feed this Dino.

  2. Problem getting toys/food/interaction objects. You can get 6 of this (food,toys) objects if you are lucky to have correct “flags” in your 200/266 m area. While for most time this is quite enough, sometimes it is not. There is option to buy additional of this item, but it seems this happens just 1 month, and if you miss that opportunity you can’t get it. Would it be possible to get this items more frequently (1x week, maybe even 2x week). I know that this items are relatively expensive, but I (and many others) might splurge on then sometimes.


I like the idea of a visual cue for the next optimal FIP time. Even a ring around the FIP icon (similar to the level up progress ring around the players level) that would show either an indication of how much time has passed, or it could even be displayed in a countdown mode where the ring unfills instead of filling in.

So when you select a dinosaur in a sanctuary, the three FIP icons would each have a ring around them for that dinosaur.

Maybe some events that would offer some additional FIP tokens during the 24 hour period would be nice.

Not an event but something that might encourage walking (which is one of the aspects these games were supposed to encourage); GPS should know how quickly a person is moving (look how often Owen pops up if you’re in a moving vehicle) so if they were to differentiate between a slow moving person (somebody most likely walking) and a fast moving person (somebody most likely in a vehicle) and they could keep track of the distance traveled of a slow moving person (a walker), then maybe offer extra Tokens (with a cap like 6 FP and 4 I tokens) for walking a certain distances daily. I.e. If every 500 meters you gain an extra Food and Play Token. Every 750 meters you walk you gain an extra Interaction token. So if you walked 2 km you would get an extra 4 Food and Play tokens and an extra 2 Interaction tokens. Of course the additional tokens would not increase above the caps of total tokens you’re allowed to have so if you already have 12 Food Tokens you wouldn’t gain anymore Food tokens. At daily reset your total walked distance and the extra tokens count towards capacity would be reset to zero.