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FEATURE REQUEST: Supply Drop - Optimal Distance Indication


Firstly I would like to say how grateful I am that @Ludia have listened to their player-base and extended the range at which we can interact with event POI/supply drops. Thank you, it’s fantastic!

However, if I could just change one thing then it would be to give clear indication when you are within the optimal range to interact/spin the POI.

Before it was obvious because the POI would flash when you were in range, now it flashes at a much larger distance, which is great. But when you get within the closest distance to get maximum items there is no indicator (except your radius in the background) to show you’re in the optimal range. So I would like to request that Ludia change the colour (or something slightly different) when you reach this optimal sweet-spot.TQ


I totally agree with you.And i would like to add if they can give some percentage of the full reward depending the range.If you catch it inside the 30m radius you should claim full reward,at 40m 90% ,at 100m 60% etc etc.

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^Yep. This too! :pray:


I’ve been thinking it should blink when you’re in range and then glow constantly when it’s in optimal range.

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