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Hi All

Based on conversations with my Alliance and other fans, I thought I would note down a few potential feature requests for consideration for future updates:

Daily Challenges

  1. Increase the frequency of changing the featured creature - a new one every two weeks perhaps to keep it fresh and avoid the same creatures showing up in arenas.
  2. Vary the missions a bit more, possibly introducing some new ones around fusing DNA for Hybrids, collecting Epic DNA, walking a certain distance (to encourage a healthy lifestyle!).

Alliance Missions

  1. Please, please, PLEASE, vary the creatures we receive in our rewards! No-one needs that much Concavenator DNA (or any other dino with no Hybrid). They should be different creatures each week to keep it interesting and encourage participation. Some of my players just won’t contribute to certain missions as, from their perspective, there is no valuable reward.
  2. As with the daily missions above, vary the missions a bit more and introduce some new ones. You could tie them together as well so that there is an Alliance Mission for the number of Daily Challenges completed.
  3. Increased rewards for Top Contributors on missions. Slightly more coins/cash perhaps to encourage everyone to be the MVP.

Alliance Admin and General

  1. Leader tools to monitor inactive players - currently I monitor changes in trophy counts, which is not always fair or accurate as a lot of players are put off battling PvP. It would be good for Leaders to see when players were last online/active. Perhaps a traffic light system across all players to show how active they are - green: online in the last 24 hours, amber: online in the last 72 hours, red: online over 7 days ago.
  2. Restrictions on Alliance hopping - if you leave an Alliance there is a cooling off period before you can join another.
  3. More information on prospective members - number of previous Alliances, activity level (traffic light system above).
  4. DNA requests - cooling off period after joining an Alliance before new members can request DNA, or minimum contribution level before requests can be made.
  5. Recognition for frequent contributors - perhaps worthy of an achievement or perhaps an increased coin yield/multiplier the more they contribute. Perhaps this could even be an Alliance Mission!
  6. Alliance specific achievements or badges to recognise certain activities - top DNA contributor (as above), Takedown Master (for most takedowns that week), Quartermaster (for the most Supply Drops that week), Top Geneticist (the most DNA fusions for hybrids that week), Top Explorer (for biggest distance covered that week) or Battle Master for opening a Daily Battle Incubator every day that week.
  7. Alliance Supply pools - instead of hoarding supplies of darts, scents and other resources, perhaps there could be an option for players to donate a percentage of their Supply Drop hauls over to an Alliance exclusive pool where resources could be shared among active players.
  8. Alliance private forums - as chat within Alliance is quite limited, perhaps a private forum could be setup (preserving data security - only game names allowed) so that Alliance specific events or battles could be organised, such as Friendly Challenge nights to help new players and contribute to Alliance Missions.

Alliance v Alliance Battles or Leagues

  1. Rather just having PvP arenas and tournaments, which are often exploited by ‘droppers’, perhaps there would be a way of having an Alliance tournament which could either be based on Alliance v Alliance matches or a League Table based on activity, where certain missions or activities completed by players (not just battles!) could earn points for their Alliance and contribute to their standing in the League.

Apologies for the essay and thank you for your consideration! Can you tell I work for a software company?! :wink:

Leader - Paleontological Society


We can only hope​:expressionless::crossed_fingers:

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Totally agree with most everything. Nice post. :slight_smile:

The only thing I strongly dissagree with, is the part I quoted. This would never work unless its for bragging rights only. Even then, the power structured guilds will win 100%.

Maybe if Ludia approached it like friendlies and everyones dinos would be level 26.

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Thank you, appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

The Leagues would certainly need some structuring and protecting from abuse, perhaps around highest trophy count attained as opposed to current trophy count. There could also be a number of Leagues so that the lower players could also get something out of it without being trounced by a higher player that suddenly adds their Tryko back into their team to gain an advantage…

All in all, there needs to be some variation or alternative to the arenas which more and more players are becoming disillusioned with.