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Feature suggestion: Allow selection of active incubator prize pool from unlocked arena tiers



  1. As of now, there are some dino dna that are obtained only on a specific tier
  2. Some high arena tiers rewards are either useless or not needed DNA
  3. The higher tier a player gets, the more the incubator pool is diluted. It would seem like advancing a higher tier is more of a punishment, while deranking is a reward.
  4. Most people will tank/derank just to have a greater chance of getting the DNA that they are looking for resulting to mismatched fights,which will discourage players that just started. ie (unique/legendary teams in Mt. Sibo)

Suggestion: Players can select an active incubator dna pool based on their current arena tier as the limit. This would mean advancing to a high arena tier will become a welcome achievement that adds more DNA pool to the selection, while not undermining the hardwork of ranking up. It would stop deranking, giving way to more even match ups especially for those who started.


I think this is a really smart suggestion! If only they would listen. lol