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Feature Suggestions: Stats / Dino background / Store LineUps

  1. Fix boosts

  2. Add more knowledge/info on the real historical dinos - this is such a missed opportunity to educate users a little bit on the various details about these amazing creatures that have roamed our planet hundreds of millions of years ago. You can still keep it simple, yet provide more data for eager fans to soak in - like period in which they lived, area the lived in, their diet, how big they were, their natural foes, what they evolved into, any fun/interesting facts, where to see skeleton/bone fragments in a museum etc etc… You can easily put this in a section within the dino details (somewhere near the end where the About is)

  3. These “gamified” achievements that you added once - this could have been useful or at least interesting/entertaining, but they are so basic and dumb, its practically useless. One way to easily fix that: At least display stats on the actual count of how many times you’ve done something. Right now you only see you’ve completed the achievement but I would love to know how many arena matches i have played in total. Or how many total darts i’ve shot. Or how many rare/epic dna i’ve accumulated etc etc Some of these would be super easy to add, granted you actually store this data.

  4. Allow us to store dino lineups. Now with these funky tournaments (huge potential here, big props for this feature, if only you limit the amount of games that count towards the ranking so that ppl who dont play 24/7 have a chance to rank higher) we can really use an easy way to swap out our dinos for arena matches and tournament matches. Even if you dont do a whole custom screen with variables and such, you can at least virtually split it so that there are 2 instances of the lineup - default one for the arenas >> what you see on the dinos list and what you play with in the arena and when you enter the tournament menu, it stores a 2nd instance that is independent from the default one. Simple as that.