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Featured creatures apr 29 + strike tower schedule UPDATED 1.7


Featured dinos for the week of 4/29-5/5 *subject to change*

we are drowning in sino dna :stuck_out_tongue: so no wonder I see more and more lvl27+ thor around 4500 trophies :thinking:


Yeah, they’ve teased us with epics and will change them by the weekend. As they usually like to do.


i hope they keep the rex tho…
Teasing that isn’t cool :t_rex:


Yeah it’s good to remind everyone that this time they warned us that ALL OF THIS MIGHT CHANGE


If they change it to include Kentro, I wouldn’t be mad. Sure I’d be missing out on Anky, but I actually need Kentro a lot more right now. :joy:

Edit: The really weird part about that is I live in Local 1. :thinking:


That’s alotta raptors!! :heart_eyes:


It’s a placeholder I guess, because that’s hybrid legacy week (which we had 3 weeks ago) so I’m 75% sure that 1.7 will drop tomorrow! :wink:

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Betting wednesday latest

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but there’s an overlap of 2 events that day - that other 25% goes towards Tuesday.
This is almost like how we got 1.4. we were like “why is there 3 days on the schedule?”.
Then they added the pterosaur theme to the rest of the week. :man_shrugging:


Haha yh will know if we get a warning today for a break


Can we get different dinos especially the epic ones.


I would happily delay the update another week to keep that schedule


Most people will likely forget that this is subject to change. It’s going to be so funny to see all the complaint posts that sound Like “screw you ludia! I needed those rex! Why!? That’s the final straw, I QUIT”


Haha yh going to be alot of salty gamers once the new calander comes out


Although I wouldn’t mind if anky stayed around :sweat_smile:


I have the same but with t-rex :slight_smile: need her for so many dinos all the time

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I like how they used subject to change and not it will change… im thinking if the patch comes towards the end of the week they may not change it…

Im kinda hoping for this, that weekend multistep looks like this weeks themed incs… can use more ourano lol.

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I would be happy with the TRex and the Anky , the Sino is unnecessary and it would be great if it was changed to Kentro .
But as has been said , it could all change .


so I can still hope for irritator or dilopho making an appearance :slight_smile: