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Featured creatures apr 29 + strike tower schedule UPDATED 1.7

I think the entire week will change tbh. I don’t know why I think that, but I do

I would imagine if it changes its most likely to feature new 1.7 creatures…


I’d be happy if those Epics were every week.

Whole thing looks great.

Thanks Ludia.

Im looking at Wednesday like @anon44209425 said rares and common overlapping that day looks kinda odd… then again it might just be a error and commons are supposed to end tuesday.

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Didn’t even notice that honestly :thinking:

they said here, in the 1.7 delay thread:

my 75% on this.

keep anky plz!! and stego

Got you covered on the second one :+1:t4:

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Do you guys think we’ll get two separate green events like we did when flyers were introduced??

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I also thought this might be a possibility ^

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Literally the exact same dinosaurs from three week ago, but hey, more raptors, Rexy and Anky.

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They should have just said schedule will come out after the update, but I guess this way they’re covered incase they screw it up again.


Considering the time and no maintenance announcement yet… tomorrow is looking unlikely

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Not a bad week if it lasts. Most likely update will be on wednesday.

I kinda wish this calender would stay. I need the Paras, considering that I rarely leave my area that is L3.

And the Velociraptors are always welcome, since I’m in the process of creating Erlidom. Oh, and Stego is needed as well. Ya know. Stegod.

I haven’t seen Utah very much, so Imma want some of that…

Wait a minute. I’m over here explaining whay I need, and this calendar most likely ain’t even gonna be here… Lord have mercy, I kill myself sometimes :anguished:

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gosh, these epics are great but my God are they ever going to give us something else? i mean i want that stupid ouranosaurus because it never spawns like ever anywhere near me. Kentrosaurus would be nice too. Sino is great but it’s just everywhere in events, so i guess rack up now because it will probably go extinct.

however i am happy about Stego in the line up probably the best one on the whole thing for me. since it’s gone to parks only or whatever and my huge park isn’t considered a park in the game but it is on google maps that means i never see Stego. it’s pretty lame.


I want irritator.
it is SO IRRITATING to not have it featured for 6 months. "punny"
Did you forget that fierce week is in the game files, Ludia?

cause if I actually posted that it would get flagged and removed

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Why? Lol… why?

I noticed on Wednesday that Nodosaurus, and the 4 commons overlap. What exactly is that going to look like? Different colored park towers? Same colored park towers? I guess they all would share the same countdown timers. Either that, or the update is this Wednesday and then they don’t have to program for the aberration.