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Featured Creatures MAR 11-17!


Already posted on Twitter…

It was true!

I’m gonna try for Tryko. Hopefully I’m good enough! If not, I’ll dart Indoraptor after the first attempt.


The legends are true!!


Id dart anky and kentro personally, erlidom on sunday. Tryko will be horrid to dart.

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Wish my darting skills would be A LOT better. Really would love to get Tryko.
But however great week.


Yeah, but as long as I get at least 50 per attempt, I’ll get it.

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I’d dart erliko, maybe Sino and Tryko


You should get tryko with 18 attempts on anky and kentro though. Wouldnt bother trying to dart tryko personally anyway :slight_smile:


I‘ll go after Erlikos first. And dart them until I could unlock Erlidom (30/250 currently). If I should get lucky with fuses, I‘ll focus on Anky then and dart Tryko five times. Gonna need 50 atleast per attempt.


You’d think so, but I haven’t even CREATED Ankyntro yet. :sweat_smile:


funny thing is I just leveled my ankyntro to 20 and I have 150 dna


My ankytro just hit level 17. To many choises really need a plan this week.


my ankyntro is only lvl18 but with the 18 attempts (anky and kentro) hopefully I can reach lvl20. And will dart tryko so going all in on the tryko family :smiley:

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I’m challenging myself to try unlock indoraptor without reaching lvl 20s, right now I have 72 DNA of it


A very good week ahead. Hopefully the weather here will settle down and I can get out and about a bit more.


Wow what a solid week! Should be able to get 2 more uniques crossed of my hit list for the win! :grin:


I just started playing. Level 6 for now. I have VIP. I was thinking of darting Tryko. Can i get it with 5 attemps? I read erlidom is easier to dart. What should i do?


If u wanna be sure, dart Erlidom. She is easier to dart than Tryko imo.
But if ur darting skills should be great, I‘d say u should try darting Tryko and collect its ingredients.


I’ve been darting indoraptor in the events. If I dart all indoraptor, il get her!
Should I dart erlidom?


I wanna get erlidom but should I go for it?
50 on each attempt?