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Featured creatures next week apr 08 + strike tower schedule


when we have useful common dinos this reduced time hurts :smiley:


Thursday will be rough. Might as well dart whatever I see, it’ll be impossible otherwise. 11 hour shift on Tuesday will put a damper on my rare hunting, too. At least I can plot the weekend. Might be divided between Rex and anky, but we’ll see…


Ludia are you serious right now?
36 attempts in a single working day?
What a joke?

Why not fill that void with common dino event?


Well, I will not complain about the Rex, but…



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this new schedule aint it


and only two epic towers next week :S I know they reduced these but still …



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Very disappointed. Rexy and Anky are appreciated, but we had them so often now…when will we get Irritator? Ouranosaurus? Stygimoloch? Skoolo again? Darwi? …

I also don‘t like the change u did. That some days we won‘t get anything.
I mostly play this game because of the weekly events, I‘m a collector since the very beginning and u guys took away my motivation to play actively.

Where‘s the sense in making this game boring? Uninteresting? Removing days when we could hunt special event dinos?

Also what a dumb planning. 36 attempts on one day that‘s also a working day. Great job, Ludia! I think ur new assistant just got on the wrong button u better check it.

U also reduced inc. And I‘m seriously wondering why u felt like u had to do this. This is just stupid and dumb. Taking away our sources, our events, our motivation to play this game…

I can‘t believe the community wanted this. I merely feel like ur putting the vote results together as u like it to then present them as ‚our will‘ to us. Same thing with daily and alliance mission changes.
U made a poll only to make the exact thing the community didn‘t want.

Go on, Ludia!! Ur grave isn‘t deep enough, u need a bit more but if u continue ur work u can put yourself in soon enough!

Just pure disappointment right now.


Great two empty days, 20 cash, 2 small scents less and only one day for 36 attempts. Good luck everyone finding 36 same dinos in one day. I thought this is a game, not 8 or more hours job!

Will go after Utah, nothing, anything but Apato, nothing, Trex and possibly Anky.


When will you get Irritator? You spammed the alliance requests with Irritator for 2 weeks until the alliance created Magna for you…lol

Where’s the Irritator???Please…


This is when the new schedule sends a clear message: “Screw you all who need thousands of velociraptor DNA!”


Has it always been 9 attempts per common? I could have sworn it was 12. Am I crazy?

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Maybe it is not to all who need them. Maybe it is just to the people to lazy to go find them. They’re out every night, lots of them. I have over 100,000 and I don’t even actively look for them.

Everyone here is sad cause Ludia is making them put a little effort into building their team rather than putting out their hand to have it filled with free dna every week.

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well you can’t blame us for not wandering around the streets at night :smiley: I use public transport and walk so won’t go out at night just to maybe find a few velociraptor. I am happy for the people who can hunt for hours at night or can drive around at night but not everyone can do that so…

Yeah, they are out. I’m in. Having dinner, doing my housekeeping and sleeping. In the meantime I may be lucky to squeeze a couple of darting sessions if some nice fellow velociraptor decides to cross the borderline of the 150 m radius. Very lucky if I manage to squeeze just two, seriously.

It’s not a damn little effort, it’s an additional job to be able to complete half the attempts. They should remove crap-filler dinosaurs if they intend to keep this schedule. Only 2-3 common. Only one crap-filler, please.


I wouldn’t consider the other ones crap fillers. Apato, steg, and para are all very good dinos that serve a purpose for good hybrids.

What is this ludia folks? The additional treasure day is juicy but again it’s one step forward x^n steps back. If you compress all the dinos in one single day I’m afraid the majority won’t like this idea. Events during workdays are already a tough call, but you even try to force our down time into a whole day of your jwa stuff. Like who you want to take vengeance on, us from your dedicated player base? I don’t want you to make a schedule for me especially when you try to snatch it from my sweet weekend.

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The new schedule is pure bs. It makes absolutely no sense. @Ludia_Developers plz go back to the old schedule, which actually made sense and worked pretty smoothly.


Agree they all are useful in their own way…but there are too many of them together for the current number of green poles + time we have. A game shouldn’t take over your life to be fun.

There’s life and then you enjoy the game in your free time, with the current schedule the game is not enjoyable, so we are forced to stop playing it…I will not go out of my own schedule to play JWA’s slavery schedule. No way…