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Featured creatures next week apr 22 + strike tower schedule


Next event has Stegosaurus with Sinoceratops?

tenonto again :smiley: and what a weird stegocera :sweat_smile:


Stegosaurus hacked into her son’s fb account and changed her profile pic on it.


Yes only one empty day now

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With rinex and tenonto nerf i am not as exited as i would of been knowing 1.7 drops tomorrow


at least tenontorex only lost a little bit of attack :stuck_out_tongue:


you done goofed ludia… better change it to tenontorex…


Only one free day ?
With what’s on offer on Thursday and Friday they may as well have had three free days !

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Yh guess so i am just gutted as only got rinex last week now he will be nerfed bad owell see what he like after the update


tell that to my lvl25 rinex :smiley: I feel your pain


Good they are posting. I was worried. No mention of maintaince on twitter so far.

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Wait I’m. Not sure the update is dropping tommorow


Oh no atleast i didn’t use alot of dna and might still be ok lol will see

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Looked back and we got a maintenance warning on the 31st of Jan and the update dropped on the 4th Feb

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Feel as if we might have to wait a little loger

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What?!?!?! Stego is an epic dino now? Let me level it up! lol


Not sure all the other times we had notes friday update monday


I dunno. We haven’t got a maintenance reminder


Dear players, stego is now an epic dino. Please note this change was made so as to prevent unbalancing of Battle matchmaking. Thank you.


But for 1.6 the patch.l notes were released 3 days before update so I don’t know. Also a reminder happend the same morning for the 1.6 update. So that could happen . We get it Tommorow morning