Featured creatures next week july 29 - stun themed

Common: tricera gen2, einio, iguanodon 27 tries

Rare: tricera, einia, edmonto, tenonto 24 tries

Epic: stygi, stegocera, sinocera 9 tries



Total Pass

Thx for the info @RoadToHell0

Edit : You knew …LOL In previous voting you vote Stun theme


Hmm not great really, but I guess the one’s i’ll go for:

Common : Tricera Gen 2, although probably just anything to help with missions etc.
Rare : Tenonto all the way
Epic : Sino

Not excited for the week, but still some people, mainly newer players will still be happy.

Hopefully with Tenonto being in the alliance rewards for the next 2 weeks and the rare attempts this coming week I should hopefully get it to lvl 20 and start fusing the hybrid.

yeah I might have cheated in the voting (did vote after reading the leaked info :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yay for Tenonto! Now I can finally level my Tenontorex, which has been stuck at 25 for months.


I’ll take that tenonto and sinocera, thank you.

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Nice!!! Finally Tenonto!!
Other stuff doesn‘t interest me and it looks like Ludia won‘t give us more than two epic towers per week anymore…:woman_shrugging:


Tenontosaurus is the only one I want off that list. Shame.


oh god, that stygimoloch tower

am I ever gonna get dsungaia?

I like Tenonto but we don’t need more Tri gen 2 you already spoon fed the babies Ludia. I already see 20 a day, hurray. More rat boosts coming.

Same goes for Sino.

I’m not exited for the even higher lvled enios and sinos

Three of these dinos were dished out in alliance rewards for six months!
Hardly exciting is it ?


Always need Sino. 24 attempts on Tenonto also really good.

Three weeks in a row that suit my team.

All for Tenoto and Stygi.
Looking forward to the Stygi Epic Strike.
And Fast Dinos in the Incubator. Not a bad week.

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I’ll go for Tenonto and Stygi (could I finally unlock Tuora? Guess it depends on if the 10 streak on that thing continues) and perhaps a bit more Sino.

tenonto and sino for me.

is that master tower a stygi picture?

stygi is already one of the most i get from 8h incubators. :scream: