Featured creatures next week july 8 + strike tower schedule


Omg :man_facepalming: four boost towers


Boost heaven! :open_mouth:

I’ll be going after Tany, Dilo / Diplo, and Pteranodon.

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main targets:Tany, Flaffy GEN 2, Dilo and Pecky eyesses

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You can get bary g2 from strike events!


Is that epic tower Trago?

Its amargocephalus I think

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Oh yes that’s the one I meant, the epic hybrid.

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So it will be amargasaurus, amargocephalus and euoplo I think

Bleeders for this one then. Or thor

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Low level bleeders can do it I think

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Think I’ll have some fun with Stgydaryx in this one


Pteranodon! :heart: I just ran out of DNA for her. I hope the other flyers come back too. :blush:


all these boost towers…
after 3 packs of 50 boosts yesterday followed by 3 packs of 25 today, i guess ludia really LOVE boosts now.

and why offer as event dinos that we already have a lot as weekly, like tany or dilopho2?

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Not everyone has alot of something this game is actually seeing a decent influx of new players with summer here. The only thing newer players have large amounts of is alliance rewards.

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Yes. Finally get to dart Mono :heart_eyes:

Can finally replace Trago


I will go for monolopho as well, Monostego is a beast and need to be close to team level :smiley:


I am focusing on Molophasauras and Diplo Gen 2. All the others I will not waste my time on.

people… sorry if its a stup* question, and sorry for asking again.

but please: what strike tower is the top (hardest one, with lvl 30 dinos): master (purple icon) or expert (red icon)?

Dilopho and Pteranodon for me! Perhaps a couple of Koola as well.