Featured creatures next week july 8 + strike tower schedule

Purple master.

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Mono finally :raised_hands:t2:


can ludia someday give us irritator event? :thinking:

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Hellooo level 26 Monostegotops!

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Aw yeah this is a nice week.

I’m glad Pteranodon is back so soon. That’s the highlight for me. I’m so close to Quetzorion.

Epic monolophosaurus is a really good one too and I need it for vex but until Darwin starts showing up more I’m stuck.


We just had one like a month ago or so. It’s been since 1.7


how do u people use monostego mainly? as a counter for specific dinos?

I like to start with it. Good Erlidom/Dilorach counter, and can soften up one or two more if Thor’s not around.

I still find monostego very underwhelming. Just doesn’t do enough damage to keep up. An erlid rampage followed by strike and run and there’s not much left to mono. If lucky enough to run into tryko or dioraj mono done.

Useless against thor as well. If there was no delay on the stun I guess it would be a little better. But staring with slowing against thor does nothing as a thor impact and instant charge finishes him off.

Monostego is a beast when given enough boosts. I find it underwhelming myself, but I’ll admit, I’m trying to collect them all so Mono DNA goes towards Monomimus at the moment.

Helps it get slowed for when your next dino comes in, except if it has instant change up the next turn

It’s usually slower anyway when next dino comes in. No one is going to put in a slower dino knowing thor rampage is coming after it just took out a dino with impact and instant unless they dont have a faster dino.

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True dat. 10

well… if i understood right, mono is good IF you dont have a better dino hahaha.

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I usually look at the leaderboard and try to use the same dinos as they use. I figure they arent investing their boosts in junk. Check it out for yourself when they dont have their tournament team in. Not many using mono.

yeah, i check leaderboard too…

and there i see something: just after release a new great hybrid, in few days those players have it at very high level.

im still trying to unlock magna, dilora, and reach fuse level to my tryko (wich i unlocked when that sunday event) for months… and now spy.

when i have these dinos they will be useless and ill start to run again for next. :laughing:

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I assume the ones you see in the meta now will be relevant for a long time due to boosts unless there is a drastic change. I dont see people putting dinos on their bench they have invested 6 or 7 tiers of boosts on for a dino with none. They’ll likely need to allow boosts to be swapped to change the meta much from what it is. Or worse case scenario, put unlimited boost sales.

i was suggesting an option to remove boosts for a cost.

remove freely at will is not good for Ludia, because we should just buy once for all dinos.

but an option to pay a cost to remove. example: removing 50 boosts from a dino, you have to pay 25, and you have 25 to apply to another dino.

or by tier: drop a tier 5 speed boosted dino to tier 4, youll get 16 boosts back, instead of 32 you spent.

some like that. then keep diversity to arena, encourage players to change dinos eventually and not be afraid to lost all boost spent… and still having to buy more, because you lost some to remove.

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Honestly for me at this point I’m not concerned with what’s good for ludia. I think I have been a fairly loyal customer since the first day this game came out in beta. It was much more fun back then and there wasn’t half the stuff there is now like strike towers and event dinos. With more additions to the game came more problems. And the really frustrating part, and I am pretty sure this is not just me thinking this, is the problems dont get fixed.

For example, chat in alliance screen, reported first week, of alliances, still no fix, iPhone 6 unplayable. Reported the day of 1.7 release. Still no fix and 1.8 gets implemented with this as a known issue. They say they know about it and are working on it but are they really? How can anyone be that incompetent not to be able to fix their own product for months.

Let me say this. If you dropped your car off at the garage to get new brakes put on and a week later the garage told you they are still working on your brakes do you think they know what they are doing? Would you keep going back to that garage???

And there is no point even getting into the matchmaking disaster. There has been so many posts on the forum about it but it seems like they are oblivious to them.



jorge: boss, one more complaint about boost. its the number 509.014.
ludia boss: are we making money with that?
ludia finance leader: yes, a lot.
ludia boss: ignore it, and place more boost offer in store tomorrow.