Featured creatures next week june 24 + strike tower schedule


What’s the dinosaur for the strike on friday?

Bary g2!!!


no leaked info yet but does it really matter with the boosted dinos? :smiley:

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Well we have had Purutaurus strike before, so it’s probably Carno,Purra and of course Puru

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I hoped to find some anky next week, need 50-200 DNA to unlock tryko :confused:


Dammit, not Triceratops again!!

Yes Triceratops! At least it ain’t Trike G2. I need Triceratops for Monosteg. Gotta get her to level 20 to be at team level.

Abd at least we have Bary G2! Kinda sad there ain’t Epic Bary, but hey, more chance to see Brachi.

I knew Brachi was gonna get a hybrid; been saying it since around 1.5, and everyone was sleeping on her. Totally called it. So happy for her. Hope her hybrid is dangerous and totally viable for teams.

Still no Anky? :frowning:

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Brachio unique seems useful but will have to see her in action :slight_smile:
I am more interested in the new Tany unique but as far as I understand both can counter that evil Erlidom :smiley:

Yeah, I’m excited to see how it will look as well, and how it will fare up.

Waaaait a minute! WHAT ABOUT STYGI?!
She was the entire reason Owen and Claire even escaped their cell! And she was the diversion that made the auction break up.

And Rexy? She killed the Carno that was gonna attack Owen! What the actual heck man? What even is this?


You would hate that if you’re in my shoes, I literally have oce 4.5K of Triceratops DNA

BARRRY gen 2 YES :raised_hands:t2::fire::fire:


Hahaha bro, I’m already close to ya; I literally just touched 4.1k as of last week. I am still grateful about it, but yeah, I want a change of mission awards lol.

At least the Concavanator finally gets her chance to be good.

Baryonyx Gen2!!! :star_struck:

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That is weird. I was expecting her to be one of the epics for sure this week. Darn. :confused:

Seems like it will be Allosaurus, Bary gen2, Brachio and Indo for me that week then. Pretty neat ones all things considered.

Yeah, I like this week. stygiG2, baryG2, and not sure if I’ll want brachi or blue - depends on how tuesday goes and fusing ardentismaxima, or how close I may be to another level with blue… if I ever get my tourney rewards. :roll_eyes:

Indoraptor… That’s cute.
Ludia has jokes.

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I feel like the indoraptor attempt is a slap in the face for the poor guy. It gets absolutely destroyed in the update due to dodge changes, and then we get an attempt for probably one of the worst uniques now. Ill still grab it in case it gets buffed again, but for the most part, it’s off my team once 1.8 drops