Featured creatures next week june 24 + strike tower schedule

Galli 222,002
Stygi G2 125,200
Allo 41,868
Apato 24,217

Will dart the odd Allo or Apato if they are in range - won’t be hunting; then Bary G2, Brachio and Indo.

Meh …

I’ll be glad once this JP/JW 5 week long event is over next week, so we can get a variety back again.

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Looks like a Purrataurus

Isn’t according to this today was supposed to be speed boost tower? I can see attack boost one.

@Ned @Ludia_Developers

Hey NiceGuy, the schedule has been updated recently, and it should be for attack boost.

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Thanks for information. I know its not your decision to make but why on-earth Ludia just keep changing their own released schedules?

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I’m not sure on that :thinking:. I wish they could change the creatures around to Dilo…I really need to level up my Diloracheirus. :tired_face:

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