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Featured creatures next week june 3 + strike tower schedule


I hope these will be in strikes too, I need more rex DNA of any type of rex.

Only one epic strike tower.:thinking: is this a joke?


Wait no level 30 strike. Noooo

Wait I thi k there is one. A purrutaurus strikes

With our luck we will get pachy and ptera

Yes. Need more Puru anyway

Darn… I’ve already unlocked Pachy from arena. The critter could use a hybrid though.

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First time seeing pachy in a special event (not strike event)

I may dart it, because it’s arena exclusive, could get a hybrid, and have 8900 rex - also trying to get the coins to level my highest level creature, Tryko, to 24

me too I may run it on my team. it’s only lvl 16 though

Ok, I’m assuming this is accurate, but where’d the information come from? I have yet to see the tweet go out, and I follow the JWA Twitter account.

Looks good. I need more of all of those.

JWA facebook page. I don’t know where @RoadToHell0 gets all the russian info from though

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from russians :smiley:


I know that xD :rofl:


Yeah, I found it. lol I don’t know why the Tweet isn’t out though.


Lol almost the same as this past week. I need that stego though and epic Rex

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I’m not saying that I am looking forward to it, but where’s the boss tower? :thinking: In another thread it appears there is one.