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Featured creatures next week May 13 + strike tower schedule


well the darwin is nice :smiley: and the stat boost tower as well


The fleeing theme is dino’s that can hit and run ? Someone know which dino’s we can find in this theme on those strike event’s ? Thank’s :slight_smile:

You should be able to view the yellow incubator of Monday’s strike to see the possible rewards. They like to change them up slightly. But Maisaura, dilo, Edmontoguanadon, Ouranosaurus, are some likely candidates.

Hey it’s in English this time! :kissing_closed_eyes:

The Friday epic tower looks similar to this weeks Nodo tower, should possibly reward extra Sinoceratops on top of the incubator:)

Not to derail or anything, but if Ludia would have left Boosts in these towers and nowhere else, the game would be just fine right now.

Everyone would be excited and happy for the new boosts and the availability of them wouldnt have completely broken Thor, err I mean PvP.


YAY, I can finally begin my way to unlock “Sumo”

It’s a bird week lol. Well I’m shooting darwin 100% I know the regular pterodactyl will have a nice hybrid someday but for now darwin has 2 and you have to get it to level 20 so it’s getting my 9 attempts. Hatz for the common and the fruit loop bird for the rares as it is arena exclusive.

Well I just got Darex so hay, but I’m expecting a big buff soon, so stoking up on Darwin DNA. Hoping I’m not expecting too much from Ludia

All possible tower dinos with run moves


We literally got the creatures who were in the towers before the update
Commons: Hatzegopteryx, Parasaurolophus, Stygimoloch GEN 2, Dracorex GEN 2
Rare: Delta, Scaphognatus, Edmontosaurus
Epic: Maiasaura, Pachycephalosaurus, Stygimoloch

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Which one is “Sumo”?

Draco Gen 2 is gone, as it lost impact and run for Impact

Only other “Run” dino is galli. Will we see it instead or just have 3 commons?

I think it was Koolabour who I call Beakless Birb

(@Asta gave me the idea)


I use that. Mines Level 18 and very strong

I’m hoping the boss strikes are like that nodopatosaurus one we had 2 days ago. 200 guaranteed dna is nice to add to the epic incubators that most of the time give dna we don’t need :wink:
The boss has a sino on it this time