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Featured creatures week March 4-10



Carnivore Carnival
The best event ever?

utarinex won some poll or is she the only carnivore? :smiley:

I am happy just curious :smiley:

pyrritator for magna :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is Utarinex even a carnivore? I would’ve figured something like Thor would’ve been picked. I’m glad but confused…


I was wondering the same thing. I’m pretty sure her dinodex thing or whatever it’s called says she’s an herbivore in the flavor text. :joy:

Edit: Nevermind, I just checked it. The word herbivore isn’t even used once. My bad. :joy:


So, for me: anything, Utahraptor, Darwin, Pyrri and Utarinex.
Great week to get some rare DNA.


Utarinex has the mouth of a herbivore. Could be an omnivore.

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I’m going Lythronax, but only if I happen to be out somewhere, Proceratosaurus because, uh, Christmas Ostrich :joy:, Darwinopterus because I’m going to try and make Stygidaryx my second Unique if I can, one attempt each on the Legendaries, and Thoradolosaur. Oh, wait… :rofl:

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I hope those aren‘t the results of that unique poll. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Utarinex should be magna!


No, that’ll probably be the Saint Patrick’s Day event. :joy:


Utarinex is a carnivore?.. thats even more disappointing than calling erlidom a carnivore… They couldn’t have just given us thor, magna, or tryko huh? And its carnivore week an we are getting pyrritator but why no irritator? and no velociraptor or tarbo or allo for the commons either… If im being honest im pretty disappointed in this special week, especially after how much it was hyped up.


Oh this is good. Pyrritator is one of the few legendaries I dont have yet.

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Dont get me wrong…i love the DNA we get next week BUT…why do i get 24 hours to dart 24 dinos and 48 hours to dart 9 dinos???
I always stress a bit on mondays and im wondering why it is like that.
Happy darting everyone!
P.S. my targets are: 24Lythronax, 12Utah, 9Darwin, 2Pyrritator and…YOU guessed :o)

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I wouldve preferred Thodo or Tryko for the unique.

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EDIT: i wont get 24 hours to dart 24 dinos…i will get 20 hours since the maintenance will prob take 4 hours tomorrow (monday)


Im glad utahrinex is the unique as i was hoping i wouldnt get thor to 24 before i finished making rinex…

Monday whatever i comes across, rare utah, epics pyro, legendaries Im torn but will most likely either split or go all pyri…

Might be able to start fusing magna after this week.


Ok, this event is AWSOME! So many possebilities! This may be one of the best events ever! Heres a list of the best (my opinion) we got so far:

-Armored creatures
-Valentines event
-Hybrid collection
-Christmas event

I think this is awsome! I don’t mind any of the commons, but when it comes to the rares I will gladly take the utharaptor! I’m currently at 140 DNA out of 250 to get utarinex (my first unique!).
For the epics I will probably go for darwinopterus because it has two uniques! Which is better: the monomimus one or the Stygimoloch GEN 2 one?
And for the legendaries I will take utasinoraptor, because utarinex.
Then we get a free shot at utarinex! Perfect!

What do you think about this event, and which one are you picking?


Meh… decent


Its a good one. A pretty darn good one even. Some really good (and hard) choices to make.

Best event ever though? Sorry, that it is not.


The best event ever?
You mean the unique event coming on saint Patrick’s day?
Where the only dinosaurs are uniques?!