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Birds are bad
Ludia really?

Very nice. As much as I grumbled along with everyone else when pterosaurs first entered the game I’m actually pleased with this. Mainly because I have yet to see Darwinopterus anywhere!!!


This is the biggest trash!!! Thx ludia for nothing!!!


Well I’m getting Alankylosaurus next week :grin:


Then just don’t hunt them then. I’m very much interested in the Epics and there are plenty players, especially newer ones, who may not have the pterosaurs yet.


Week off … sweet … will dart what I can but won’t go hunting


@ Pateradactyl, get your new bird hunting rifle.

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Even though Alankylo is on my team currently, I’ll give this week a pass. I’m trying to find a dino to replace them anyway.

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Anybody notice they sneakily reduced the attempts per epic


3 dinos 6 attempts

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Wow, Ludia is really trying to screw us over…


Hopefully it is just a typo

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Probably just a typo. It’s happened before. And last time we had bird week there were only 2 epic birds.

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Time to level up my Alanky… Not giving up on her until I stop meeting the horde of Indominus in the Arenas. And Dimo or Darwin can be very useful in the Epic Towers.


Yea hopefully


birds are bad.
and everyone knows about that.

but you’re still doing this, ludia.


The birds most likely will get hybrids in the next patch. So wouldn’t call them useless. Just which ones to dart is the question

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The rumors were true!

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I would go with darwin for epics… unless their gonna give pteradon extra love counter attackers not named tryko arent in the best place right now. Not so bad ludia feels they must buff them but certainly not in the best of places… meanwhile bleeders are in a pretty balanced spot.

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