Featured Dinos for next week!

They were announced! Woot woot! Get those indoraptors guys and gals!


Going to be a busy week, good dinos all week :slight_smile:


t-rex vs gorgo is tough :thinking:
i always love how they publish cooldown times on dinos that you have 1 attempt at :joy:

i assume 4800+ tophies is going to be facing lvl 27 indoraptors every game after this week :sob:


Great, im not here to get them😔

I know … gorgo va trex?! :thinking:
(Gunna be a tough call)

I was initially worried about super high leveled of indoraptor initially, but there’s just soo much DNA that we need for it once it’s 25+ that this may just serve to help push it up a single level, definitely not more than that.

I do think they’ll be more indoraptors in the 22-24 level range now though? Just my predictions :man_shrugging:t4:

yeah, i’m hoping i can just get gorgo leveled up and still have 2-3 shots at trex. hate walking around at night praying kapro spawns. at least trex is nice about it and spawns during the day.



Aren’t you the one with the level 26 gorgo trolling the upper arena? :smiley: I hate that thing.


me no? mine’s 24. and im at like 4900 trophies, so not even in arean 9 yet.
someone just made a post that @Rantz has like a 27 gorgo :joy:

THATS THE ONE. Dang @Rantz and his gorgo. :smiley:

This week is definitely going to get me an indoraptor. I’m excited!


this is all mine can do (without a crit a course) :wink:


OMG finally Rexy will show up and I‘ll get 6 attempts?
Finally! That means Indominus Rex will finally be mine this week!
Perhaps, if I have luck with fusing I can also use 1-2 attempts to lvl up my Gorgosuchus and start fusing Megalosuchus. :3


It’s time to finish leveling Indominus and begin working towards that Indoraptor.

I’m just around the corner from starting Indoraptor.

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I’m prepared to get a multiple of ten and be stuck with 9 spare indo dna forever :sob:


Hell yeah I knew last weeks lameness was buildup for something… Starts polishing drone gleefully :heart_eyes: I like how strike towers are simultaneously training us to deal with lvl 30 Indo’s lol

it’s good to be prepared. :smiley: But look on the bright side, the difference between 1 and 9 in JWA is zero. :smiley:

I’m lookin forward to darting Indom more than Indo. Somethin new to dart.
I hope it moves more like a raptor than Rex.
I have an 8 at the end of Indom, never thought I’d get the chance to change it :pray:t2:
Indo has a 0 at the end… so I’m considering not darting it at all.

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Until you get an incubator that has exactly 1 Indoraptor DNA in it :joy:

in a way it’s more useful to go with trex, because you can fuse the gorgo and get some of experience doing the fuse

Errrr…more like only ONE attempt each at both I-Rex and I-Raptor. 6 attempts at T-Rex ain’t bad tho