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Featured Dinosaur NOT being given in battle Incubators!


Ive just reached Sorna Marshes where it says the featured dinosaur is a Gen 2 Baryonyx, and the Epic dinosaur is the T-rex. I have NOT recieved any of these Dinosaurs after recieving 5 8hr incubators over the span of five days. All i get is STIGGY and Some other random Epic Dino. Please help! I just want my hard earned T-rex DNA!

Name in game is: JurassicInc



Same issue. I’ve been battling in the marshes for a long time with this issue.


Now that you mention it … i received some when I first entered the Sorna Marshes and I only have 37 DNA for him and I’ve been in the Marshes for a while now. I have very little down time between Incubators, and I haven’t seen any Gen 2 Baryonyx for a while. I forgot it was the exclusive dino for this area.


I have also battled hundreds of matches and still never got any dinos said to be given out in level 7 Sorna Marshes.


You don’t want a baryonx g2 anyway it’s a waste of time at this level.


Thats not the point, im trying to address the fact that it is NOT giving me any of the featured Dinos in the Incubators from Sorna Marshes.


Alright, don’t get your knickers in a twist :joy:
Pretty sure you’re not guranteed any dna other than stiggy. It must be annoying not getting any though.


I’ve been in Sorna for some time now with the same issue. Someone suggested that the dinos received in incubators in Sorna are more like those guaranteed in Arcadia, and that’s held true for my incubators. Very disappointing.


I can’t get any Kaprosuchus for the life of me… not finding him in the wild, not really getting him from incubators…


has anyone tried ranking down and going back up to see if it is corrected? I’ve been idling my battles until the tourney reset to 3500 takes place.


I’ve been on Sorna Marshes two weeks. Never got any T-Rex DNA from Epic Incubators :frowning:


it’s a little ridiculous I keep getting the same epic dinos in the incubator every time never changes it would be fine if it was taking some from every level u unlock but it’s not doing that it just keeps repeating the same dinos no matter what ring ur in