Featured dinosaurs next week


I‘m not sure whether you‘ve seen this but I‘m kinda…meh. Think I‘m gonna go for Stego and Monolopho (cause I want that legendary horn dude), then perhaps for Touinga and then definitely for Kentrosaurus. Wanna lvl her up finally and just can‘t use Koolasuchus. Or let‘s say, I don‘t wanna see her anymore lol.


Hmm…I think I’ll follow a similar strategy. I’ve got more than enough Dimetrodon Gen 2 DNA for Monolometrodon, but I need that Mono Gen 2 DNA…:sweat_smile:

Could definitely use that Kentrosaur DNA, too!

Green stegosaurus,
Purple stegosaurus,
Gold Stegosaurus


I’m going for Tuojiangosaurus and Kentrosaurus. It’s been on Twitter since Friday. Earliest I’ve ever seen them release the featured dinos. Hopefully they will keep posting earlier.

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Nice, I need mono, touji and Kent

I need Toejam, Bacon and Kenny. And mono gen2.

I wonder where the strike event schedule this week is??

Seems like they’re just redoing the same few Featured Dinosaur themes on a regular cyclic basis, which means previously-featured creatures are featured creatures yet again…! :stuck_out_tongue: The Halloween-themed one was a refreshing break!

Stegod, Tuo, Kentro.

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same for me- Stegod, Tuo, Kentro.

Ah I meant Stego. Sad auto correct goes right for Stegod now. :rofl:

Wait, who is Bacon? I guess Kenny is Kentrosaurus and Toejam is Toujiangosaurus… But who is Bacon? :thinking:

Bacon is Wuerho. It looks like it’s sorta made of bacon.

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Lmao. Now that you have said it, I cannot unsee it. :joy::joy::joy:

(Haunting tone)

No one can unsee it.



Confession…I don’t yet have the tuo. At all. I have been about 7 DNA points away from obtaining it for months…

Now i know it looks like bacon, maybe I’ll have more luck finding it.

Okay then, if you are going to make me hungry every time I see weurho I should point out that nodopat looks like purplesaurus rex kool-aid…OH, YEAH!

why no ankylosaurus?

Since it’s two days for 36 dinos as an office-hour worker (and winter’s here to stay! oh ye gawds, it’s awful, not even sure if my little car can make it out if plows don’t come tonight or in morning, half hour drive into town), Mon-Tue is literally anything I can get.

Wed-Thu-Fri is obviously as much Tuo as I can manage and fill in with Procera and Wuerho as needed. Sat-Sun is, like literally every other player in this game, full Kentro. Watch, though, as Ludia springs a hybrid on us out of left field for Koola. Whatever, it ain’t going to sting if that happens just because I truly abhore that thing.