Featured dinosaurs next week

Which, btw, would be an excellent new hybrid…and yes I realize I’m talking to myself :grin:

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epic music starts


I’ll leave the South Park-ish “OMG, THEY KILLED KENNY!” memes to you guys to create… LOL

Here’s one as a placeholder until someone makes a better one:


Stego, Tou and Kentro all the way for me!

Im literally ONE DNA from getting Kentro to level 15! But thats ok because now ill get to 15 AND have DNA to start fusing ^_^!

The first two decisions are easy. Stegosauro and Tuojingosauro. for epics, neither of them now has utility for me. Koolasuchus has no hybrid and kentrosauro has a good hybrid, Ankintrosauro that I will never be able to create because it competes for the very little Ankylosauro DNA with my rajakilosauro. I had to choose and I chose the second, I do not know if correctly.

Therefore for me the only important thing is to choose the one that in the future has a new hybrid … and unfortunately, I am not a fortune-teller.

Those times listed in the graphic are for daylight savings. DST is over now. Hoping they update the graphic with accurate times.