Featured months

We have featured weeks so why not featured months?

For example
Amphibian month :
All amphibians will have unlock events during the entire month. New species will also arrive during this time
Week 1 :
Common overhaul
Labyrinthodontia, limnoscelis, Diplocaulus will be featured the entire month. New common species added : sebecus and caocops
New tournament species added : koolasuchus gen 2
New tournament : kaprosuchus gen 2
New vip species added : deinosuchus
New s hybrid : limnocaulus = Limnorynchus + diplocaulus s dna (diplocaulus moddel with Limnorynchus jaw)
New hybrid added : Kaprosaurus = kaprosuchus gen 2 + albertosaurus (kaprosuchus with albertos horns)

Whenever a featured month is we get a poll where we can choose wich 4 creatures we want to be featured. Similar to clash of titans but for tournaments. The tournaments will be land, cenozoic, aqautic and cenozoic vs land tournaments.
A new hybrid and s hybrid will arrive every week during the themed month . Two tournaments will happen during one week. The tournaments for rhe old creatures are Monday till Thursday. The new creatures will be featured from Friday till Monday


This is a great idea! :clap:

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For the rest of the month

Week 2 : rares
New rare species added :
Rutiodon, Ticinosuchus
New tournament : gryposuchus
New tournament species : Smilosuchus
New vip species : Quinkana
New hybrid : proteropelta = Proterogyrhinus + antarctopelta
New s hybrid : nundagotops = nundasuchus + nasutoceratops s dna

Week 3 : super rare
New super rare species added : Gerrothorax, Ramphosuchus
New tournament species : saurosuchus
New vip species : eogyrhinus
New hybrid : sebecorax = sebecus + Gerrothorax
New s hybrid : metriacops = Metrialong + caocops s dna
(two new species will have s dna)

Week 4 : legendary
New legendary species added : Platythystrix, Armadillosuchus, Arizonasaurus
New vip species : Fasolasuchus
New s hybrid : ostaporax = ostaposaurus + Gerrothorax s dna
New hybrid : grylenken


I like the idea, the designers and developers would have to rush though

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You must know that it is a very long process!

What amphibians would you like to see most? Any suggestions /replacements


Koola gen 2 would be very good! Then I want Purussaurus and Purussaurus gen 2 from JWA
And I would like Deinosuchus and Desmatosuchus

Desmatosuchus would be nice. I thought he could have a charge animation similar to how ankylosaurs like sauropelta have in jwe

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I was giving him more Postosuchus animation!

But he is a herbivore though. Unless they do the same with edaphosaurus

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I was referring precisely to this!