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Features and QoL suggestions (lengthy; TLDR at the end)

This was originally meant to be a review on the PlayStore, but i found i had a lot more to say than would fit in the 500 character limit. As the title says i have a few suggestions that could in my opinion vastly improve the game, and some QoL stuff, firstly expanding the gear choices so you can play different characters in different ways, I don’t really like the fact that every warrior type character inherently has taunt tied to certain abilities, if for example with Nayeli i want to give my team AC with the rare, or heal up with the legendary helmet, i have to gain taunt, which for her isn’t ideal because she’s not that good at taking damage and is mostly played as dps. I understand more gear brings exponentially more combinations and playstyles which come with more work on game balance, but it’s a neccessary sacrifice for more game depth which imo means better play experience and player retention. This doesn’t concern weapons as much as they are already plentiful which i really like. Another thing, about PvP this time, would be a decent change to be able to actually choose your own team, but that is a design choice i can kind of understand so i won’t go into it too much, but just throwing it out there that there could be a seperate ladder for that game mode, but that could(and likely would) kill the current ladder, so that’s open for debate. QoL change i have been waiting for, but haven’t yet seen would be multiple loadouts, as i often find myself using vastly different gear for PvE and PvP, often different gear depending on exactly what kind of PvE content I’m currently doing, and i feel so much time is wasted just switching gear around when switching between the content(often because of daily quests). And as always, i just have to mention it, gold is a major bottleneck for progress which is somewhat fine considering the game is entirely free otherwise, but you will inevitably hit a few major walls, often when moving up from common/rare gear to epic, and then again from epic to legendary, also character levelups cost a ridiculous amount of gold for how little stats they provide, but i guess as they have little importance after level 10(when you can equip any piece of gear) that’s more of a min-max thing if you want to go that route, so i can somewhat understand. And lastly i want to touch upon a gripe i’ve had with the game recently, where it appears to grow more and more laggy as time goes on(and it’s not my phone, as everything else works perfectly fine and at an acceptable speed) which is happening for whatever reason, idk if it’s server side, or just with every update added to the game it just takes longer to load its assets, and of course the ever present bug with “gain an extra action” effects failing and most often in PvP, where ironically it matters the most, and is often a major factor in the outcome of the match.
Now i feel like I’ve said everything that’s on my mind, i leave it up for discussion for anyone who feels like they have something to add or subtract from the text above.

More options in gear choices for different playstyles, PvP choosing your team or not(different ladders for current and suggested type of PvP), multiple gear loadouts(for PvP and PvE, or more), gold and its availability(or the lack thereof), increasing lag issues, and “gain extra action” bug
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@Boni94. I strongly agree strongly with a couple of issues you identified.

  1. There should be different load-outs for PvP and PvE. This would be easy to implement and there are already separate tabs in the GUI. This has long been recommended but continues to be overlooked.

  2. Lagging and Crashes - This is inexcusable. A developer should have access to adequate servers. Freemantle, the entertainment conglomerate that owns the Ludians are also aware of the issue. Between the two a resolution should have been found long ago. Either provide additional or adequate server capacity, reduce the unnecessary server hits currently required by the app, or ban players who are using a work around which is abusing the servers.

Glad to see some people share my opinions and concerns, as i sometimea felt like i’m the only one who has a problem with some of the things mentioned here, but i must admit i am completely unfamiliar with the workaround you mentioned, would you care to elaborate on that point because it sounds interesting, or share some link where i can find more information on it(don’t mean to abuse it, i’m just genuinely curious)

@Boni94, support staff and moderators have advised the work-around I referenced functions in defiance of the WoW TOS. As such, to deter its use, the forum mods delete any posts which identify the work-around and the related forum account will be suspended. [Personal experience has demonstrated both to be true]

Regardless of the numerous benefits the system used for the work around provides, I have decided to
comply with the Ludian effort to deter further abuse of the server. As such I cannot discuss it further.
However, as I recently posted in another forum, I believe we should be free to discuss this here, and the developer should proactively take action to circumvent the work-around and/or its users, rather than punish those who discuss it. Unfortunately, I suspect many big-spenders will protest should they lose this advantage.

Okay, i understand, although i should have guessed that would be the case, thanks for the explanation anyway, might have accidentally got myself banned while being unaware of what i just heard


I would add
Search for gear. I.e. click on gear in character and tell what challenges it is available in, if any.
In addition to multiple gear loads, multiple party loads. For some challenges/events I use a different party than main one and would prefer not dragging each one in and out