Features that could take this game to the next level


In no particular order and not suggesting every feature should be added but here are some of my ideas.

  • Daily and Longterm missions
  • A way to to mark a certain dino of your choice to display differently on map. For example if I want to hunt for a certain Raptor, I want to mark it so it shows with a unique glow on map. PoGo didn’t have a problem with distinguishing creatures with them all looking so unique. Dino’s look very similar between one another from the overhead map view.
  • Dino tracker for immediate area
  • Current battery system is awesome. Addition of one-time use extended batteries as an alternative to the VIP for catching out of reach Dino’s could be alot of fun.
  • Some form of location control. Maybe in the form of controlling territories? Maybe a King of the Hill similar to PoGo gyms. Rewards for kills or maintaining position.
  • Expanding on the drone idea, what about an ability to send the drone out further distances on a cooldown. Every hour or so (more often with VIP!) you could free travel with the drone up to 2000feet to look for local Dino’s and collect supplies for 10min. Numbers are just samples.
  • Dino bait items. Could be used to attract when there are none.
  • Dino slow items. Maybe a tranquilizer dart to slow moment speed when shooting.
  • Friend referral system, anything to help bring players and raise awareness of the game.
  • Customization, either the dinos or a player character.
  • Boss Dino’s similar to PoGo raids but without the in-person requirement. It’s hard enough getting people together for a pogo raid not sure this has the population for in person events yet.
  • Flying Dino’s that are not stationarity. Perhaps they fly around on preset paths where you can see the path to work on intercepting. There could be grounded birds too but flying Dino’s that are actually flying could make the game feel so alive.
  • Neighborhood/city specific events. Give us a reason explore our home area rather than driving around or going somewhere specific.
  • Progression via distance walked.
  • Swiping left or right to scroll between dinosaurs
  • Battle Dino’s in person
  • More Supply Crate variety (possibly with the addition of above suggested items!)
  • Names of Dino’s on list
  • Swipe Left/Right on Dino screen to see next Dino instead of having to go back to the list to view another.
  • Sound Notification for Dino appearance
  • Use cash to upgrade Dart capacity
  • Show Dino stats on collection screen

That’s all for now, hope someone takes a look. Enjoying the game and see a ton of potential. PoGo alienated big portions of it’s userbase, Ludia has a unique opportunity here to capitalize on that.

edit: Added suggestions from responses!


Your ideas are spot on :ok_hand: I was also thinking it would be good to have a feature that lets you directly battle dinos with friends. Would add alot more fun to the game:)


Thats some good and sweet suggestions :wink:

Would also like a lill more variety on supply crates… sometimes they are to pinned together rather than further apart,


Please don’t. That’s what hurt PoGo, location based advantages making spoofers and multi accounter dominant force. I don’t want some kind of location gym. Spoofers will rule them there’s no point. The force behind this game is that spoofers don’t deter my game. I can enjoy every single functionality without taking care of them. They will have more DNA maybe and more trophies ? Who care, I will battle against people of my rank and that’s all I want. I don’t have to deal with them unlike a gym entered system.

I like your idea about marking some kind of dinosaurs to easily spot them on the map. It would be a nice QoL to add (just like scrolling between dinosaurs)


I had a hard time wording that suggestion - I didnt want a replication of the current PoGo gym system for the reasons you mentioned. I was thinking how animals mark thier territory and defend it so something based around that. More like, I could claim an area around my house as my territory and defend it. Maybe not just against players but “invading” dinos or something. Doesnt have to be tied to a supply drop/specific location like a PoGo gym.

It could be where another player cannot take over your territory, so spoofers wont have much of an advantage. You could get rewards for defending and if you lose the territory becomes open but no one claims it then.


That idea sounds amazing, but what if instead of it being a defense mechanism, making it a base of operations type thing where you can upgrade the surrounding environment using coins/cash to attract more of a variety of dinosaurs to your specific location.

I.e. purchasing marsh type fauna and food sources would draw in crocodile/amphibious dinos. Purchasing trees/bushes would increase the chance of herbivores spawning and purchasing livestock maybe would increase carnivore spawning.

Would be very difficult to program, but a player can dream.


Good suggestions! I already had a similar idea in mind which compared to your events idea. It could also be linked with the boss raid idea.

I also continue on the defend your territory idea. You can ‘claim’ a home territory around your house (can only claim one at a time), for example. In this territory a new rank system is placed, similar like the arena rank, you can battle, gather,… And gain points. The top 5 in a certain area gain a certain catch bonus (more DNA), increased rarity spawn (dinos dont always spawn the same for different players, especially not random ones). You get the idea; no direct rewards but progressional rewards. Catch bonus keeps you playing because you really want catch rewards.

Perhaps this doesn’t even have to be ranking related; even knowing other players play as well is already a great thing. Can also make it similar like your personal level; the more levels you get in a territory the more experience you have in catching dinosaurs, so to speak… So you naturally find more (better) dinosaurs in that area.

Perhaps the sending your drone out idea can also be linked with this one. At a certain rank you can send out a drone, only in the area you claimed. The higher the rank, perhaps an additional drone use? This keeps the feature under control vs sending it all over the place.

Also went over the walking part in an other thread; more walking incentive… Or in general more ways to obtain darts in order to being able to go for a walk, thats the #1 problem really.


Some great ideas, really hope the devs are listening to some of these.

I think some more randomness in the game is needed… Can be a mixture of ideas previously stated but they just randomly occur. Like little generic mini games with prizes at the end.

Will be harder to implement little mini games, but features such as “spin the wheel” break up the game and reward you for playing.


Some kind of lures to attract dinosaurs would be awesome. I’d like to see a goat on a leash like in the first movie!!


Some awesome suggestions!
Also, would like to see health and attack stats on the main dino collection screen to make it easier to compare and select my team.


Yes. And also the name of the dino’s please


Cool idea, but i feel that might cause alot of issues for people living in densely populated areas of apartment buildings/highrises.


These ideas are great! I’ve been thinking about some of them too.

But for me I’d like to suggest one more small feature. When I’m riding a bike, I don’t notice when a dino spawns nearby because my smartphone is at the rudder and I don’t feel the vibration. It would be cool if there’s some sound notification, a roar for example, when a dino spawns under your feet or a rare or epic dino spawns in visible radius.


I’d like to add the ability to buy more space for darts. I have to go way out of the way to go spin supply drops. Then I come home, play for 5 minutes tops, and out of darts. I basically need to be able to hord more supplies.


I had a similar thought with the ability to form hunting parties with nearby friends/players. Have a larger “epic” or challenging dino out rampaging in a park or city and you have to work together to stop it. It would give the game a desperately needed social element to keep people engaged beyond the gotta catch them all concept.


Updated with latest suggestions


Drop down menu so you can organise “my collection” by lvl, power, armour etc…


Id love an option to compare my dinos. Mostly stats but now I have to keep going back and forth. Picking my team for example would be eat easier if I could compare them side by side or below each other.

Just my 2 cents


Achievements. That’s I’ll I got to say. I’m a big achievement hunter.

Ive got almost 25k achieve points in World of Warcraft and thats what me and alot of people spend time doing.

Got to complete them all.


• would like to see the ability to add a home supply drop where you can choose a location to add your own personal supply drop. It would give you slightly higher amounts of gold or darts but would only be openable every 8-12 hours or so.
• be able to upgrade your area of vision to get those supply drops that are barely out of reach.
• be able to upgrade your darts storage
• definitely need some missions/tasks to keep the game fresh and rank up that slight bit quicker even if they only offer like 10xp
• be able to set baits that increase likelyness of a certain dinasour to appear but not guarantee. Would cost bucks but obviously more expensive for the better dinasours
• different dart types that would allow more DNA to be gathered like a dart that’s better for epics or rares or even against certain types like herbivores etc