February 2020 Test of Might strategy

Not going to post a full guide. Just some thoughts.

  1. Your ToM trophy count starts at your season max trophy count + 500. So expect your fights to be hard.
  2. This is a single stage with only 3 losses before you have to pay for a refresh.
  3. Consequently, your journey to get 9 wins will be difficult, and will cost you resources.
  4. If you have time, lose 2 matches against humans in Battle mode, before you queue in ToM. This seems to increase odds of matching vs bots, which are usually easier than players.
  5. Consider conceding against other players in Battle mode who are 300 trophies or lower. Consider this “paying it forward”. And hope someone else reads this and will be correspondingly nice to you.
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My advice is use the 3 free attempts then skip paying. Every team I faced was 300+ trophy count ahead of me. Swing and a miss for Ludia


To gain a legendary, I’m happy to pay 150 or 200 gems for a few sets of retries. Feels like the right amount of cost & effort vs. reward.


Agreed. I’m the first to criticize Ludia for ToM, but this was much better in terms of necessary cost and time to complete the event.


Agreed. I think they got it right this time. The battle difficulty was reasonable, the duration was appropriate, the cost was acceptable and I enjoyed playing.

Well done development team. I hereby bestow my hard-won Seal of Approval on this iteration.


Strangely, my opponents seemed to have lower trophy counts as I progressed through the challenge, despite holding >50% win rate.

Not sure if just individual variation or if they tweaked the algorithm further.

Finally a TOM worth it. Happy to spend gems when the rewards are that good. Length (9) is also good, more is too time consuming. Thanks Ludia

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I had though the [expletives] at Ludia had finally figured out how to handle a ToM event. I do not recall any complaints with the last iteration. For the first time there were multiple active threads supporting a PvP style event. Things appeared to moving in the right direction.

However, it appears I as foolish ti think this would continue. With today’s ToM event, they have reverted to the outmoded rigged format despised by almost all players.

This is a shameful error.

Accordingly, with the launch of this iteration, I here-by withdraw my seal-of-approval previously posted in this thread.

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With the multitier Heroic Adventure, the relevant guide will be the same one as for the Silverhand Trails.