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Febuary creature of the month?

Are we getting a new one, or is it staying T-rex? IM confused

Probably gonna be announced tomorrow.

There will be a new one. Ludia hasn’t announced what it was. I wouldn’t expect them to tell us untill around 11ish EST. but those playing around reset time will probably be able to tell you first.

I’m hoping for erliko but it’ll probably be brachio. I say brachio because there was a glitch earlier where the t rex daily reward changed to brachiosaurus

Brachio isnt bad but hopefully something else like Rhino, allo g2, or titanoboa :))

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Given the leak about Poukan championship as well as very few epics left, I’m calling Haast

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True be we also had dilopho, Rex, and rinex soooo

But haast would be nice but I mean the hybrids ummm well not so much.

I hope it will be Arco. Idk if it just had an event, it’s still an Epic, so it still has a chance to be up there.

I would like wooly rhino or even allo gen 2 or blue because they have good hybrids such as monolorhino, alloraptor and indoraptor gen 2

Plot twist, Ludia drops 2.5 tomorrow, and one of the new dinos is the new dino.

(J.k. they just didn’t tell us)


If only that was the case

i think poukadai is a really good raid creature cuz it always has a distract move or evasive

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I say ** THYLOCOTATOR ** as the creature of the month…
It has a good move set that allows it to make moves that can cripple, maim, or obliterate an opponent and it is a mainstay of many raid teams and a goodly portion of PvP teams as well because of its highly damaging REND capability and combined with maim ( bleed attack ) can wear down an opponent very quickly.
A favorite tactic of many raid teams when taking on a raid boss is to have the Thylocotator do this >>>>> prowl, prowl, maim, rend <<< doing this move set during a raid allows the thylocotator to strike back at raid bosses with a massive 15,000 plus critical hit.!. ending a round of battle very quickly allowing your team to move on to the next round and the next. our alliance uses a combination of 3 x Thylocotator’s and a healer ( Touromoloch, Diloracheirus, Tentontorex or the Bajatonodon ).
Basically put 2 rounds and the raid boss is ancient history lol

Only non-hybrids are allowed by precedent

It’s Carbonemys

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