Fed up of I-Rexs


Seems everybody I battle has an I-Rex and it obviously costs me a lot of battles due to its power/cloak. I have been playing since May and am in Sorna Marshes around the 3500 and still well short of DNA to create I-Rex, mainly due to the fact there is simply no T-Rex around where I live. I have bought incubators, taken long walks etc, but not enough T-Rex. Personally I think I may have done quite well holding a trophy score roughly around 3500 without an I-Rex but for heavens sake I really want one!!!


Just make a nullify Dino. They kinda laugh at dodge shield and any other self buff style of combat. Irex vs irex is a pure pray for RNG situation and won’t win you many battles


Here to help! Stegodeus with invincibility shield or a nullifying dino like Koolasuchus or Suchitator destories i-Rex all of the time. My level 16 Koolasuchus can take out a I-Rex in about 3 hits since Cloak is a wasted move against a nullifying dino plus he is faster than I-Rex. With those dinos on your team, i-rex is a waste of time. I have an I-rex on my team, he is either hit or miss, pretty much a wild card. I’m about to take him off my team honestly. After awhile players catch on about Stegodeus or Koolasuchus, they switch the i-rex with another; so, I switch my dino too for when he brings out the i-rex again… kinda like some players do with the raptors. Of course the team is at random, but if you have at a least shield wielding dino and faster than the i-rex, the i-rex (unless he’s high level) will not k.o. your dino and you will at least another turn to strike. Hope that helps!


The industrial area is where I find him. I’ve found a dozen at least never in the same exact spot but always the industrial area.


Koola actually bad to use in higher lvls Mostly dies in two normal non cloak hits. Not counting the rest of its moves are completely useless against it besides just dmg. Plus your suppose to kinda use cloak as a last resort, he’s quite powerful with out why he’s a apex class dinosaur. Taking him off your team in your low bracket wouldn’t be smart at all. Plus against shielders a indom not suppose to cloak right away, you strike with non cloak until there hard pressed and popping shield. They pop shield then you pop cloak.


I never said anything about me cloaking I-Rex. I-Rex is weak against strong attacks. I’m talking about going against cloaking. Also which gen Koolasuchus are you talking about? My koolasuchus kills more I-Rexes than any of my other dinos. My koolasuchus does 921 damage every hit. Your rambling makes no sense.


What isn’t weak against strong attacks? Koola doesn’t have strong attacks, it’s a disruption class dino. Quite frankly 9xx is nothing, indom of the same lvl does more dmg outside of cloak. You obviously have no idea what you’re Talking about. Indom> koola any day head on. guess you didn’t catch on to the increase life of a indom like a billion updates ago. Anyone who reads this don’t use koola against a indom, nor lvl it. Save the dna for it’s possible hybrid that’s in ludia other Jurassic Park game that might come to this one. Obviously any of the mono hybrids or tany would be your best nullify choice.


Here to help! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Oh and don’t put your indom on the bench, exp when your not even at 4K. :man_shrugging:t2:


except he’s right. you are clearly not in a very high arena if you have a lvl 16 koolasuchus on your team.


Lol I wish I seen Koola’s in Ruins, be like a free win.


Dude, I was replying to Eric’s post who is the same level as me. If you higher than both of us, fine, jeez troll.


Take your indom out to the bench like you said, then apply a screen shot when in a high arena. See you in a couple months :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t spoof.


Doesn’t matter what lvl primarily indom> koola


you called koolasuchus is not good in high levels “ramblings”. he’s right. and he appears to be in jurassic ruins, which you probably aren’t with a 16 koolasuchus.


Lol wouldn’t take any advice from someone who insist indom as a wild card. Lol jfs


Yes again at your level. But my level 18 I-Rex is garbage right now so I might bench him until he is better. Cloak or no cloak my I-Rex is killed in one shot by Monocerotops and everyone has one at my level. Again Eric who wrote this thread said he was at the same level as me so I was giving advice at his level, not your level. If he finally gets an I-Rex, it will be level 16, two levels lower than mine. Also you know from other threads and your spoofers pay too thread, Ambient, my 7 year old plays too; so, I really hsve I-Rex on the team for him and probably why I’m still in Sorna Marshes but when its resets back to original trophy levels, I’ll be back at 3900. Sorry, I have other things to do than to battle back up the ranks since trophies status is so important to you.


Take a pic of your team, I bet you it will be your best dino or second. Also just because someone in ruins don’t mean they spoof. That’s just ridiculous lol


Also a 1.5 nullify impact does not one shot a indom.