Fed up with monomimus & leveled up my suchotator

After countless evasive attacks, just spent a ton of coins to level up my suchotator for Sorna Marsh, not the best option, but unable to create other better nullifier for now.

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Suchotator is a good dino, 500 DNA from it being lvl 23.

I swapped out Spinotasuchus for Suchotator and haven’t looked back; L18 and have 47,000+ Irritator Gen 2 DNA but need to go hunting for Suchomimus :slight_smile:


Yes, good health level at lvl 19, 3k plus, let’s hope it can help turn the tide against that chicken!

Why don’t you use Monostegotops? It also has slightly better health and armour. It has 2 nullifying attacks, so no need to wait for cooldown.

I have tat one too! :smile: But only at lvl17, n wanted to have at least 2 credible nullifiers in jurassic ruins, to have higher chance of at least 1 selected for battle team.

I have three nullifiers, Monostegotops (L17, 120/150), Monomimus (L19 20/250) and Suchotator (L18, 644/2000); as soon as I have Monostegotops up to L18 I am going to focus on Monomimus. Monostegotops is quite a good one to throw on first (if you know you have another) as it counters those players whose first move is to throw on I-Rex (although not so good if they throw on Stegodeus).

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mine is lvl 19 and i’ve got like 27k irritator2 dna… it’s nullifying is actually the most appealing, but it also has decent moves to. but at 50/fuse, it would take over 500 fuses, and that is never going to happen :tired_face:

monostego and monomimus work for me. i’d use magnapyritor if i could get it. i never start with a nullify dino because if it isn’t useful vs the opponents first dino and dies it’s kind of wasted and you might need it later and won’t have it.

I fuse when I get around 500 suchomimus , so it’s not to life draining hitting that button 100s off times

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Hmm this makes no sense to me. My opponents first dino is ussually Indo or Indom and mine is usually Monomimus or Indo.

I dont play much anymore but did pretty well using this strat. Really close to 5k trophies. Could hit that by tonight if I played, but I’m catching ghosts now.

I have a lvl 18 suchotator in sorna but once you hit the ruins, the spinosuchus performs better. Faster means you get to hit first.


I’m liking it in ruins (around 4300) - we had a discussion in another thread that slower actually works better against cleansers as they anticipate and go first - you then get one DOT hit and they have to cleanse again; it also is a back-up nullifier which Spinosuchus isn’t. Each to their own though - having tried both I am still sticking with Suchy :slight_smile:

i’m like 4800. literally no one has started IREX vs me in probably more than a month. its usually some tank or something like diloranosaurus

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Around 4300 rarely see Indo start; I-Rex occasionally but usually by the sort of player who instantly cloaks …

honestly never my preference to start anything with shattering or nullify, but rather bring it in vs something you know you need it for. only start indoraptor if it picks like monomimus, erlidominus and gorgosuchus as my other 3.