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Fed up with tank meta


I know this is a popular sentiment around these parts, and this is really just to vent and share my feelings. I’ve been in arena 8 for a long time now and all I see are teams with level 25+ Stegodeus, easily the most OP dino in the game. Not to mention Stegoceratops, Ankyntrosaurus and the mighty Trykosaurus. I understand they can be beat with the likes of Tryostronix and shield breakers, but superiority strike takes away the new buffed bleed moves and even high damage dealers like Pyrritator don’t stand a chance. I’ve been trying to level up my Tryostronix and create the Magnapyritor but it’s damn tough even when you get out there and grind, which I do. I hunt a minimum of 2 hours everyday, hit all the strike towers, use all my attempts on event dinos, I’ve even spent a fair amount of money on this game. Feeling stuck, can’t advance to arena 9 no matter how hard I try. I know others feel the same way, just letting it all out. I was excited for pterosaurs but they’re useless for 4,000+ trophies, even the Alanklyo hybrid. If anything this new update made battling even more unbalanced. If you can’t beat em, join em I guess? Time to level up my Stegodeus from level 24 to level 30 until it inevitably gets nerfed.


I hear ya… I grind before work, during work, after work, do all events, and even use all 60 park attempts, spent money on level-ups and incubators and coins and still have trouble creating or leveling up the big guys; therefore I find it hard to move up to the next arena. Yet I get up every morning and pull up JWA on my phone to open the incubator and check my surrounding SDs for dinos. It’s an addiction!! :joy:


I love stegodeus and yes he is very powerful. He’s my highest level dino right now at 24. On lucky occasions I’ve used him to take down a team 3-0


I’m a lvl 15 player with legendaries at least lvl 18 (except monomimus which is lvl 17). Got a lvl 23 stegodues. I too spent a little bit on the game and played active the entire day.

I’m stuck at 4.2k-4.4k foe the past 2 weeks. The highest I got to is upper 4.4k before losing 4x to teams with either uniques or weaker ones with rng on their side.

That said, personally I find the way to not get frustrated with the game is to forget about advancing fast and just do battle for the incubators. Lose and lose battles? No problem. I will just lose until I win my incubators to fill up my slots and be done with it.

That’s the design of the game. Frustrate players enough and those who can not stand losing and have some spare cash on hand will spend to try to get ahead.

And guess what? The moment I spend to open and incubator? That’s the time I get throw against teams with uniques or ridiculous rng. It’s like the game have been programmed to know who is spending and frustrate them further to spend more.

So my 2 cents? Either forget about wanting to advance fast to the next arena and just battle for incubators or forget about battles all together.


I’ve been saying this since the raptor update. Nerf that superiority strike! I can think of 3 things right off the top of my head to do it. Remove the slowing, remove the cleanse or add a cooldown. So many dinos have it that it’s just so freaking annoying when people spam it.


We have to remember how much money (to buy coins to level up) and time (to grind the DNAs) those that have Stegod at L25+ have spent. The ingredients are not that difficult to get. So, maybe, the amount of money and time we have spent on this game is not adequate.

Talking about nerfs and buffs, I think those that raised the issue of Stegod being OP have not encountered Utasinoraptor and the likes in the arena yet i.e. with the Instant Charge move which now has only one turn delay. Wait until you encounter one. Likewise, Monomimus is another beast in the arena.

I have all those dinos - but still have to accept the fact that I need to do more to level them up a little bit more before those dinos can be considered in my team of 8.

So the bottomline is, we may have done a lot. But others have done so much-much more than us. Accept the truth and go on…


Stegodeus is not OP, I agree that Utasinoraptor can do a fine job taking her down. The other day someone took down my level 22 Stegodeus along with my two other dinos just with their level 20 Utahsinoraptor alone. Monomimus is definitely another one that is an even bigger pain to deal with than Stegodeus. When I see someone bringing in a Stegodeus that is higher level than mine, it doesn’t bother me because with the right dino and moves, she can be beaten pretty easily. But if I see a flipping Trykosaurus, Monomimus, or Tryonstronics, cue the stress!:rofl:

I mean if today someone gives Stegodeus counter-attack and adrenaline surge, then yeah maybe it’s OP. For now it’s actually one of the few well-balanced dino and probably the only tank that can actually hold its own. But of course, we all know that poor Stegodeus will get nerfed at some point because of too much complaints. :sleepy:


Something’s wrong if your stegodeus alone is being taken down by a utahsinoraptor, and then the fact that your whole team was taken down is sad, don’t judge a dino by your very little knowledge of how to deal with it.


Bad strategy and lack of familiarity with Utahsinoraptor’s improvement plus a mostly bad deck (except for Stegodeus) on my part was certainly part of the reason, but still doesn’t take away the fact that Utahsinoraptor can counter Stegodeus effectively, especially when after the fact I too have managed to do the same to a higher level Stegodeus against another player whose trophies was in the 4300s.


Depending on the level of the utasinoraptor and the stegodeus, a raptor can definitely take down that tank. My 22 utasino can kill a stegodeus level 24 and below with no sweat. Superiority strike got nothing on spam stuns and criticals. Level 25ish, she can weaken the dino to about 1/3 its health.


If they use superiority strike at first then they’re using stegodeus wrong against a utahsino.


What on earth, my post got hidden? Didn’t even say anything rude :rofl: Oh well.

Anyway, the gist is of course having my entire team wiped out was both bad strategies and bad lineup on my part, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that Stegodeus can be managed by Sinoraptor if using the right set of moves. Live and learn at the end of the day, and I certainly did as I returned the favor yesterday and wiped out another player’s team with my own Utahsinoraptor.

Annnd, don’t judge me by your very little knowledge of me. We all live and learn, isn’t that part of the fun of this game? :wink:


Yeah my post got hidden too


I can still see your post. Probably until I reload the page though.


Never said I used superiority strike first against it, what gave you that idea? Can’t remember what I used but I never use that one first. I do recall moments where I was thinking “oh crap, should have used that instead”. :rofl:


I never said you did.


Well, honestly I won’t be surprised should they nerf Stegodeus at the next update … I hope not but well :thinking: hoping I can grind another Unique out by then


I’m starting to think that getting our posts hidden is part of the rite of passage here :joy:


Fair point, guess it just comes down to strategy play :smile:


I gave in with all the tank meta, and upgrade my stegodeus to 25 just now. I need a fighting chance :joy: