Fed up with the arenas


I don’t know About you but I’m fairly backed off with the arena battles. I’ve been bouncing between 3500 and 3700 for over a month. Being beaten by dinos which absolutely shouldn’t be beating me for example a level 12 stegoceratops beating my level 17 one ?? Surely two identical W creatures means that the higher level one should give higher hit points ??
Also, great they now have night and day mode, but, the ones I need seem to only spawn at night and only in the Estate where the police don’t even want to go let alone a female on her own.
Anyway, whining over, i’ll Get back to being wiped out in the arena … even my legendary can’t win :frowning:️:frowning:️ (Grumbles )


Do you have any friends or friends parents? I mean, they might be able to drive you around if you ask them


In order to get kapros, I’ll need to go out at night, and I’m usually really tired around 8:00, so yeah. My parents drive me around


:smile:. My parents are in their 70’s. (Some of us are old but haven’t grown up yet). By 8 I’m doing boring things like washing up making packed lunch for my family for work in the morning etc etc … I hate being a grown up :joy:


Just got a post of mine hidden for criticizing the game for these very reasons, so I’ll just post my thoughts here. The arenas are terrible. I lost 5 times in a row TWICE today, because I kept getting useless dinos against levels way too high up. To put it into perspective, I’ve lost about 200 odd trophies just to get one 15 minute, useless incubator. Incredibly unbalanced and losing takes away more points than you gain when you win. I battled my first legendary today and won??? That didn’t seem right at all.


i am totally with you. i am constantly outmatched…it puts my WORST dinos against ones that have 2 to 3 thousand hit points higher. it constantly is matching me in nublar jungle to people, who, based on trophies, are in the next two higher arenas.

This is crap and needs fixed. I’m getting very frustrated with the arena.


The easiest way to fix this is once you leave an arena you can’t go back! Here is how they can do it! Say you made it into an arena that starts at 2000 once you are there you’re trophies can’t drop below 2000 no matter how much you lose! That way once you make it into an arena you stay in it until you move to the next one!

This idea won’t be good now as there are too few arenas but perhaps if there are 10-20 and always adding more it would work!

This for sure would keep people from loosing on purpose to drop down! The biggest problem with people doing this is they don’t adjust the dinosaurs they are using to match where they are.



If you find you are losing too many matches in a row and getting frustrated, close the app and do something else for awhile.

I’ve stopped caring about trophies and am playing fir fun and incubators. I play by a 3 battle rule. If I lose those 3 it’s not worth to try a 4th. And if I get an incubator in those 3 matches, then don’t battle until it’s done processing.

You come back with a clear head and fresh eyes. And if nothing else, you might escape the rng gremlins.

Not trying to sound like those “go outside” people but just offering some advice.


I don’t play for trophies myself, literally only for the incubators. I only ever have one space free in the hopes of sparing myself the frustration of having to win twice (and also so I’m forced to do something else for at least 3 hours). But lately, it’s been dreadful. It’s depressing when a game becomes so frustrating that you have to close it, but that’s Ludia for you.


Tried that many times. It doesn’t help.


Then I’m afraid I don’t know what to tell you?

It’s just, that this is a game with dinosaurs. It’s not worth it in the grand scheme of things to get mad at it? Or at least that’s how I look at it.


I know it’s a game. But games are supposed to be fun.

When I have a round (like my last round) when they spam minimal stun 7 times in a row successfully before I get ONE attack, it’s not quite as much fun


CARDI I used to be like you only I would get so frustrated I got angry and came close to breaking my phone a few times! When I started playing only for the incubators instead of the trophies my enjoyment level tripled! Even now when I lose I don’t care I just think about the other guy and how good he must feel to win!

That makes my losing not feel bad in fact I actually feel good about it!

The thing that kills this game for allot of people and drives the cheating and OP dinosaurs threads is the quest for trophies or the loss of them!

Think of it this way if you go low in your trophies you will probably be the one that they complain about because now you’re team is so much better than theirs!

You don’t have to walk away from the game just give up the trophy lust! It’s just not worth it!


I’ve been getting so I just don’t battle so much and my slots stay empty. When I do get going and loose over and over, my eyes get big, I go into this aggression like a cat that is staring down a bird ready to pounce and I play over and over and over and over till I finally win. Then I feel better. You loose enough, you start to encounter easier teams and wipe the floor with that innocent team taking out all your frustration and revenge on that one person for all those loses.


@Rolybert I’ve no intention of giving it up lol.

I just wanna draw attention to the matchup inequity, shi everybody has more fun.

Hope that makes sense


I agree that there is an issue with matching in the arena. It sort of matches you with anyone and everyone at times… I’m in arena 8 and at times I okay those below me in ranking and sometimes those just agead… Now I seem to be match with those with 5000 trophies. The top 40 odd. So my level 22-23 face level level 25 unique dinos. They do need to address this as battling just becomes pointless and boribg.

Not to mention the 1 minute loading time to match is awful Bring back the bots!!

Secondly it’s a shame you can’t go out at night but neither do I always… They are making velociraptors spawn in the day to and ok your probably better of catching more at night then in day but it’s a start. Focus on what you can catch and build in that… what does your team look like? Arena?


There used to be quite a bit more in my area and it seems like they move. Don’t get me wrong I love a nice walk it’s great to get out of the house and take a stroll! With so many kids wanting to sit indoors now this I felt was such leaps and bounds ahead of games of things like Pokémon go which left you so limited on drop points. My son is young and loves Dino’s everything about them so to take a long walk for him to do a little battle was pretty cool. Half a mile away is nothing no biggie the update came it moved a bit farther ok about 3/4 mile but still in our neighborhood. The next update came and the battle arena is too far to walk too, we still do our daily walk and collect dinosaurs he still loves that. It’s still neat for him to see the different types of dinosaurs that pop up along the way on our walks. Just tired of seeing them move. Still it’s a neat game he gets excited to get out of the house and go for a walk and there are the regular drops in my neighborhood everywhere.


I just get frustrated. SureI’ll get to arena 8 at some point … I’m actually more interested in trying to make the hybrids, the incubators give me valuable cash and DNA :smile:


i wish i had your confidence. i’ll never get past badlands.


You will. :smile: it’s taken me forever to get this far now just bouncing between 3500 and 3700 … :smile: