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Sunday there was a sale of Sanctuary Recources…feed/Interact/play. It was a package for 6.99, in the past there was other larger packages available. Will these be available in the store again?
These larger packages are very helpful especially when there is limit/cap on how many can be collected throughout a 24/hr period, it’s a great way to collect DNA on elusive creatures or top up on ones helping leveling up.

Interesting… Pretty sure the only one I saw was the $2.79 (10, 10, 10) package… Either I totally missed it, or there’s different packages/price depending on where you are in the world? Just curious…

Yeah usually there is one for 27.99 with 100 of each resource. It came out about a week after I posted this👍🏼

There usually up for sale every 4-5 weeks I’ve noticed. :thinking: