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Feedback about the game

Update: After a bit more progress, I’ve seen some of my mistakes and why some things are the way they are. I’ll edit the post to remove obsolete concerns and instead explain what worked for me.

First of all I’d like to say that I enjoyed the first day(of Android release), I like the idea of these activities in between progression, I have no problems(yet) with power gating, energy, my device has no issues flying the game and my connection is stable, the graphics are wonderful. It would be nice to have more than one combat audio track.

Edit: Removed the resource rant, however, the issue of over-capped resources not giving credit to Duties is still worth mentioning.

Also removed the hatching rant, but, as others have suggested already - a resource conversion or various resource spending options for breeding would be nice.

Regarding the Activity quests - I guess the scale farm is good and unique, the runes are “maybe” sort of worth doing… but why are there 3EN quests for Gold\Fish\Exp when repeatable quests give MORE rewards all at once? Even the Tundra quest gives like 1250 gold, 2750 fish and 500XP, so why would I do the standalone 1000 gold quest if I can only do it twice?
Perhaps for the end-game player these quests would give the highest separate reward per energy IF they do all 5 quests, but for anyone below that - there is no point to do them.
Except for maybe doing a Duty to defeat specific dragon colors that aren’t yet available in the repeatable zones.

Which begs for a suggestion: why not boost the time-limited single-reward quests to be more valuable given their time-limitation… for everyone? And why not add some kind of repeatable quest that has a random assortment of dragons?

Edit: Removed the power scaling rant since I just don’t have enough data, but still - the only fight where I had higher Power Rating and lost - was the auto match+cast in Tundra farm that was probably some really, really bad luck. Perhaps with the same kind of luck - one can skill-push a higher power fight than the current dragons.

Now for the actual solution to resources for beginners - do not upgrade the Fishery, do not upgrade Treasury beyond level 3(and even 3 is optional). Do NOT upgrade the hatchery, as the only worthwhile upgrade comes at lord-knows-what level that lets you hatch 3*s. After I upgraded the Hatchery, I do not get the Petting Duties, or the chance was reduced, and there is no reason to spend 6x more time and a scale to breed specific dragons when you need everyone at 30 anyway. By then you’ll have enough gold.

Duties are apparently important and the biggest task is to save 50k or so before level 17 to get the last Duty quest-giver.


Thx for the info. I’m at level 15 and level 3 for both fishery and gold. Can’t get enough gold, fish overflowing

This is why i made the suggestion that we need a feature to trade in recources.

Made the thread here: Trade Resources Fish for Gold

If a user has overfilling fish, they should get the option to trade fish for gold, especially when they win fish and it just gets “wasted” so to speak because the fish is full.

Or in my case I have over filling gold (I got an early release so I was able to upgrade a lot of things when they cost less gold) so whenever I win gold it goes no where, but I’m in need of fish for my dragons.

An option to trade in recources for the other would be great!

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Even if you do upgrade the fishery and the treasury, that would mean more incomes for the fish and gold, right? Even if the income overflows your storage, at least you still get the recourses if I’m not wrong?

Yes, I mentioned your idea in the original post.

Yes, but what’s the point of getting more something that you don’t need? For example, I could save 50k gold for treasury upgrade, but I need to breed dragons much more. In fact, I’m a the Tundra boss and I wasted 20 energy just by scouting him(probably should’ve given up after 10). Getting him down would open a new farming quest, but not getting him down would let me farm what I have. I’m almost 16, but I think until I have breeding dragons and ~2250-2300 - there is no real point to try that guy. Even with the clear 5000 damage per attempt and 41 energy from levels alone - I was short just ~100 damage each time, and it would be really devastating to spend 40 energy and have like 500 health remaining on him.

The same approach works with these resource buildings - the 400>500g\h for 50k treasury upgrade pays off in like… 50000\100\24 = ~21days. That’s three weeks before you start getting actual profit for your 50k invested. But while gold is relevant in the early game, with fish it’s even worse. Hatching one dragon takes 2-3 quests, each quest gives 2750 fish. And feeding that dragon to someone is ~2500 fish or less. So you are pretty much getting THREE TIMES more fish than you actually need, and that’s without the Fishery.

The real reason to upgrade these buildings lies in the caps. The … level 3 treasury’s 60k cap is enough for 50k upgrades, once the upgrades start costing more gold than you can even store - that’s the cue.

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I can see how that works, but when you upgrade your Fishery and Treasury, it may overflow quite a bit, but then there’s Hatching Dragons, costs about 1,600 or more and if you have lots of dragons to hatch then you can use most of the Gold you have, and then when you collect the gold from the treasury, it fills you back up and you do the same thing.
(When you upgrade the hatchery you can hatch more dragons, and when you get high enough, can start hatching 3 stars, and then 4 stars for God knows what level you have to be to start hatching 4 stars)
When your dragons are so much higher up, they’ll cost more fish, so if the fishery is full, you can simply use up most of the fish upgrading your dragons, and then collect more fish and continue upgrading your dragons, and geting eggs is easy, because you can repeatly do quests and get whatever amount of eggs.

So actually upgrading both, fishery and treasury higher than level 3 is sorta a good thing. I do know what you mean though, having more than you need can be bad, and level 3 is basically good enough, but it is reassuring to have more of what you need so if something is so expensive, like if you hatch alot of eggs, and you use up like 50k gold, you can fill your Gold storage back up!
And in the Quests, the farther you go on the map, you start unlocking higher challenges, so you’ll get higher rewards, like eggs, fish, gold, and Exp. So that’s another way of getting more eggs!
(And more Exp obviously)

I finally got the breeding facility and now I am closer to being short on resources, but not too short.

Either I played the game extremely wrong and conservative or there was just a slight mishandle of resources between getting the Hatchery and Breedery.

I now have different concerns, like, is there a reason why you get two upgraded dragons for the breeding tutorial? Obviously the outcome is scripted, but that handout was still even more powerful than what I had at hand, so either it’s really a nice touch by the devs or it’s a hint that leveling\training dragons affects the chance of breeding.
I could really use a yes\no on that.

Also some Fishlegs’ Duties seem extremely, like really extremely overtuned. I’m already used to rerolling 10 level-ups and now I get 12.
I can deal with the “Hatch X dragons of color”, it’s like 20k gold\80 eggs - basically a longer Duty that sort of resolves itself. That’s also a reason to upgrade the Hatchery and be able to hatch the color on demand.
However, what I simply do not understand - are the training\leveling duties. Leveling amount starts at 10, which means that you “have” to waste 5-10 dragons on anything other than your primary team, you can’t leveling the same dragon twice. And training wastes the scales that could at least be used for specific color hatching, if not saved for prime team training.
Either way, unlike other Fishleg’s hatching duties that are pretty much just perks for proper management - these are some really irrational resource dumps, especially with the apparent shortage of Fish in the endgame. Either the standalone Duty rewards are unjustified and, for example, could be doubled or at least increased if even the requirements seem to increase, or they are basically the only reason Reroll exists.

Perhaps the beginners could take the training challenges and reroll the level-ups, because I don’t think I’ll see a Lvl30 dragon until ~acc level 25, what with all the changing 2* to 3* to 3* hybrid to 4*, and with 20-30 scales a day - after a month or two you should be alright. 2k fish per training wasted - is not that much, though it might perhaps be a good idea to add a bonus for consuming “trained” dragons. I’ve tested it and either the bonus is extremely puny or there is none, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. In fact, I don’t recall the level of the dragon playing any big role either, but I did that only once and I still regret it.

While in the endgame, when scales are used for hatching on demand and actually training the prime dragons, when you might have separate teams for this and that, for breeding(if the level affects the result or if your breeding dragon is on your progression team) and for whatever arena\clan activities there will be - then leveling 10 dragons would be natural, while wasting scales on pointless fodder might be bad.

Still, that means that if you get them more often than once every 22 hours or if they scale beyond 5training\10leveling - the cost to actually pull off this Duty far outweighs the final fish reward of the Big Chest. I mean, you’d only get it like 2-3 hours later, but you’ll save a lot of resources.
All other duties are just perks for extra management with small rewards, but these two really stand out.

That said, I really appreciate other perks and I get like 1 big chest a day, and the rewards, so far, are more than sufficient

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I honestly don’t mind Fishlegs Duties, what does get on my nerves though are Astrid’s Duties, but that’s for no particular reason, it’s just due to my team setup is all. But I do understand were your coming from, but I do know that you didn’t play the game wrong. And recourses is easy to get depending on the source of were your getting it! Quests, the Basins, and the repeatable Quests.

Uh… Are you actually running without all 5 colors? For me Astrid is basically free keys, unless she gives the 20k gold\80 egg Duty that’s shared with Hiccup.

I’ve tried taking the “suggested” colors against an enemy team, and I got the same result as in another game - “dragon not found”. So essentially if you do not have a dragon, stacked blocks deal no damage. Which means that if you set off a board - most of it will be wasted. In fact, I didn’t even check how is the energy distributed among your dragons. Does it power your entire team? No, that would be broken. Is it basically split among all 5? Then it’s a nightmare to manage. I might test it, seeing as my team is quite ahead of the farming spot and I can afford a hiccup.

What I recently realized is that whenever enemy takes damage - they get spirit. Painfully obvious, but somehow I was missing it. I know for certain that your abilities do not trigger the spirit restore, and ANY kind of damage, both the same-color gray damage and orange counter-color\red crit - all trigger the same ~5% spirit per block.

Essentially if you are launching blank stacks most of the time and if that restores spirit to the enemies without even dealing a speck of damage… that would be quite counter-intuitive.

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In my defense, I don’t have any Yellow 3* yet so I’m just waiting to hatch one of those, so I just reroll that specific Quest! I also just personally ain’t very fond of it for my reasons.
I never listen to the suggestions, I just grab my best team and dive in, and if it’s not powerful enough, I’ll either switch one for another dragon or I’ll just upgrade them so they’ll get even stronger. And I think when you have a bunch of same colored dragons and your trying to power them up, it powers your entire team, though I’m not too sure myself, I’ll actually have to test that too and see for myself!

Just tested Burning Barrens with my rag-tag group of blues carried by Anveil, barely having like 2213 over 2200 and the result is… awkward.

-The energy indeed charges for all the dragons of the same color, which can lead to some crazy bursts.

-The damage of the selected color is stacked with all dragons’ attack values, which leads to oneshots even with 3 block stacks.

-The blank shots of all other 4 colors DO INDEED trigger the enemy spirit gain. I thought I was done effed up for science, but somehow pulled through.

Ultimately the process was less than enjoyable. No control whatsoever, even more random than usual.

I guess I was lucky to get Brute-wurst early on, that team-heal was handy more than once, but 3* isn’t even that important. Fanghook, my 2nd most powerful dragon is a 3* purple and he is basically worthless. A pile of stats with a fairly irrelevant ability. Sadly, all other purples, even the handout Timberjack is worse, and that’s a maxed out 2* that had higher stats than my 3*.

That was a good test, I’m drafting a lengthy post about combat, I’ll post it in the appropriate thread today or tomorrow, and this bit of info is interesting.

I also never listen to suggestions, having a “balanced” team, but then again, if your dragons don’t have overlapping abilities - perhaps it could work not to take the dragons of the same color as the enemies. This way your “counter-shots” would be even more powerful, but your “same color\gray shots” would be as nothing as they could be.

However, as I’ve come to learn - combat is very much depends on abilities. Like, if I had only a rag-tag 2* balanced color team, even if I had like 50+ power advantage over the enemy - I probably wouldn’t finish Tundra. Luckily I had a tanky healer that carried me.

But as I’ve seen in the Barrens - unless I get either a perfect ability setup, like ability locks+2-3 sources of heal, buffs and debuffs, or a full team of 3* hybrids or 4* dragons, probably from breeding, basically the dragons with 3 effects in one ability - I ain’t progressing. I first stumbled upon like the 2nd fight, with 4 dragons and 2 waves, it rekt me like 2-3 times. It had normal dragons and only 2 waves, so basic combat control made me finish it fairly fine, but the next fight with 3 waves, where the first wave has 2 purple hybrids… Yeah, that’s the gate. I am ahead in power already, but I feel like I could be +100 power, unless I’m super lucky - this fight would be impossible.

Simply because normally such 2-3effect dragons used to be bosses. And they should’ve been managed. But now the difficulty rises to the point, where they are “normal” and “more than 1” per wave. Unless I have tools to answer that, and I don’t, there is no point to even try.
And this situation wouldn’t be resolved by stacking color, or at least I’m not going to try it, as virtually every energy wasted wrecks my resource balance. Right now the only way forward is breeding 3*+3*, got a fine deal with a chance of 3 4* dragons and a hybrid, but so far only got 2s and I think one 3 non-hybrid.

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Ok, so it does charge all of your dragons that are the same color, that’s nice and overpowered.
Fanghook is actually my 3rd most powerful, my first strongest is Hide-Fryer and my second strongest is Torch.
3* are better than 1&2* so I rank 3*’s pretty good in my opinion. I haven’t yet gained any 4 or 5 star dragons but Im definitely planning on geting one soon.
Having a Dragon with healing powers is also smart too, I have a Rumblehorn that has the healing abilities (I wonder if all Rumblehorns do)
And it always comes in handy, saved me in a lot of jams.

There is a problem with the dragons ability that causes their team to gain spirit each turn, and for foes to lose spirit. Dragons include revenger, skywarden, the squabbling sparks andspew,and then gritty sawmaw. Their spirit effects do nothing. One more thing, the updates to slow the game down are acceptable but we need new content so it stays fresh. Maybe an event or releasing clans or arena.

Clans and Arenas are still under development, but it’s being worked on so it can be released soon enough. An Event will actually be pretty interesting, I wonder what kinda event it could turn out to be if there were to be one!!

Wait, you don’t have a breeding facility yet? I thought getting Anveil was scripted. And he wipes himself with Hide-Fryer(used to be my top dragon, now off the team) as a blue dragon, because he’s a hybrid.

I’m a level 15 so not yet

Apologies for the spoil then, hopefully mods won’t bash me.

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It would be nice to have setting options for the graphics. I happen to misclick on the power saver option, and the quality is stuck on low…why me?:sweat::sweat_smile:

Do you check the preset via GLTools or something? I think you can always disable power saver, though I found it to be a gamechanger. I don’t see any visual difference between PS on\off, it does what they say it does - limit fps to 30 instead of 60.
As much as I loved the buttery smooth 60fps and felt the initial transition to 30fps - the difference in power consumption and heat is night and day. I can still enjoy the game, but the device doesn’t really react to it and the battery usage is very conservative.

What’s your phone’s chip?

But you’re still missing the point of my suggestion,

you’re saying there’s no point in winning items you don’t need, I’m saying if we win those items we don’t need, we should have the option to trade them for what we do need right then and there.

It would come in handy when it comes to being short on fish or gold.

Yes I admit things were much more balanced during beta testing, but it was also happening that everything was overfilling during the beta testing. Fish and Gold were always full for me during the early release/testing phase, however, if you didn’t need an item you didn’t get it.

Now weather or not you need it You get the item, and while I liked the previous way, I think it would be more beneficial to have the option to trade what isn’t needed, for what is.