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Feedback about the game


I think you misunderstood what I was replying to. Kiri said that upgrading the resource producers is a logical step no matter how you look at it. Back then, a few days ago, I just didn’t see why should I spend gold on Fishery if I had more important buildings.

Now, for example, I’m also getting to the point where gold can be accumulated, but the fish can not. And even then if I dumped all my gold on Fishery that would give me a spittle more Fish per hour - I’d be stuck with… nothing else. No Breedery upgrade, no dragons trained. I chose to even train one of my most useless dragons, because otherwise all the fodder would go nowhere, Fanghook is my only viable Purple.

That’s what I was trying to say. I never meant ignoring resources or not willing to be able to exchange them.

Though for now all resources are in high demand, so I’m not always sure whether I should do scale quests, because it really boils down to gold\fish per energy for me right now.