Feedback after 4 years playing + some ideas

Hello, I’m new guy here, because I don’t know what to do after reaching the “end” of the game.

I played the game for almost 4 (with a half year pause) years and i finished with out spending more then around 2,5 Dollars:

  • toothless at the maximum level (150)
  • finished all main and sidequest, except to the wiki the last known one (release the shellfire to gain 500 runes, to fullfill i need the 3x 5 lvl Dragon statues)
  • I bought all island, except the last one (itched armpit, to the left)
  • I have a lot of really good dragons to collect a amount fish/wood/iron.(after 6 hours: around 1,5 BILLION Fish/Wood)
  • defending berk is too easy now (lvl 650 or something)
  • only brawl is still at lvl 6 (because I don’t care, too much time spending there)

So at the end of the game I wonder:

  • did I really hit the wall of this game now? (if yes, It would be okay, I don’t want level up another 50 levels, this is way too dumb, I would quit at that point).
    IF YES (that’s okay!) , I would like to give you a feedback.

I have been there at the beginning, where the lvl 51 was the wall. :slight_smile: I really liked back there, because I always was excited to the newer updates, it’s always was something NEW, that was great and the BIGGEST MOTIVATION, why i played the game. in the last years/months, the new updates wasn’t special, just new dragons, new rewards of gauntlets, new costums, the same, same stuff, but in blue. But no new components like earlier (valkas training, new Islands, introducing legendary dragons, etc.) . I miss this now in the newer updates. I understand you don’t want to build them in, because it a LOT of programming compared to the “new same old stuff”-Updates.

The best stuff are/were:

  • the gauntlet! the reward was always a motivation to spend a lot of times there.
  • USEFUL costums for the dragonrider was great (reduce journey time, collect more runes, hogher chance to get a reward, etc.). Now you have USELESS costums, which only improve the fish/wood/collecting. (compared to other and better dragons).
  • that toothless could have so many options (search for dragons, journeys, costums, fighting)But the worst development in the four years (in my opinion) was the development with the raw amber in journeys (because it’s hurt doubled at Meatlug and Ruff and Tuff Dragons: I suddenly i didn’t had a goof little rune-sources (over the time really lovely with these dragonriders: because at a bad chance I got some raw amber by releasing dragon eggs - like 7, or more likely 100-800 - and, rarely i got a blue pack). THAT was really great to spend time and runes there. Now Instead I get around 30-50% just 30 max. 120 raw ambers, compared more fish/wood and less runes. that change by the update was for me the worst. Just to close a good rune-source only “to give more raw amber to the (lower and higher) players”. Honestly: I’m still not happy with this.Honestly: by a glitch (I got reeeeally lucky!) I got 24 million raw amber (instead 24k). Even producing 5-6 polished amber each DAY, it still need TOO MUCH TIME… Even with the “best condition” you need spend 270 days (für 1350 polish amber) only to fulfill a condition for releasing the shell fire…

For this I have the theory:
a) Either you want stall the player to “keep” them (busy?)… (, honestly, there are better way to stall them, I think with this you are really demotivate them instead keeping busy!) or
b) you didn’t thinking through and makes some mistakes (that’s okay) … And you are fixing mistakes really good, so it’s obvious to me…

I don’t want only make complains, but also good suggestions (not completely new components like hybrid dragons, I think it too much programming and variable to consider for the supporter team).

Some ideas to the the raw amber problem:

  • you can use the other dragonrider (heather, etc.) to collect more iron or raw amber/polish amber. (unless you have other plans with them)

  • at a certain level (like toothless at lvl 134) Johann can offer in a extra slot more items, like Iron, raw amber/polish amber.( buying by spending iron/polish amber/runes)

  • Ruff and Nut and Gobblers Dragon can have more journey to collect a lot more iron (like 100) /raw amber (more than 1000) /polish amber (1/2)

  • in brawl the player can get raw amber (like 200) instead wood/fish after (to motivate them to brawl more dragon than only - 5 battles to get 1000 raw amber ( still the tranfering to the polish amber problem there…)

  • create place to harvest another space of ressource FOR dragonriders place, so some dragons can collect amber. (the player will have to decide between journey or amber collection)

  • or just increase the amount of raw amber by releasing of dragons (that old idea was a REALLY clever SOLUTION!!! You killed two bird with one stone! )

some Ideas to the polish amber problem:

  • improve the converting amount on eren boat AT SHORTER TIME! (you could dimish all polish amber problem (only focus on the raw amber).

some Ideas to the brawl problem:

Motivate them playing them by getting better daily reward (like raw amber instead fish and wood).

  • the market of the brawl Is rarely used, because it’s too expensive for only geht some dragon tokens… If you could choose, to which dragon you get the tokens (like feeding the dragon with “blanc token”, that WOULD be motivation to spend runes or enter the brawl more! (and not only randomly)

some Ideas to solve the defending problem:

  • Defend bigger armiees (maybe against the newer villain from HTTYD 3) and evade manually the shots of this stronger boats (like thry catching them with net) or his dragons. Or just fight against them. There should be a tactical shift too.

I hope one of more ideas (they just popped in my mind while i wrote this text), could be helpful to you. (If you want more ideas, just ask me, i’m happy to share with them.

thanks for the looooooonbg attention of yours and kind regards from a german player



Hey Falco-Fox, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! I’ll be happy to share some of your suggestions with our team. :smiley:

Thanks for the reading!

I just wonder how many players as still active from almost the beginning like me? I would love to hear a number… . I’m just curious… :slight_smile:


Hmm, I wish I had access to that information. :sweat_smile:

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I have been playing for about five years. I concur with the original poster about the game being more fun at the lower levels. It takes WAY too long to get the large dragons. The pieces never come up on Johannes boat without having to pay runes for them. I don’t mind paying fish wood or iron for the pieces, but those never come up any longer.

I don’t remember the last time I actually got a collection dragon as the pieces are never found by toothless.

The special collections are even worse. The pieces for those and those dragon eggs never come up on the free search. I rarely try for those ar they are a big waste of time.

I sleep agree with the poster about the amber. Takes WAY too long to get raw amber. How about making it so regular dragons can search for raw amber like they do for wood. I don’t think I will ever get the red dragon as I will never be able to get 5 statues to the max level. It’s ridiculous.

After 5 years I still enjoy the game some. My main goal is just to get all my dressings up to level 124. I will likely quit after that if things don’t improve with the things mentioned.

They do, just… not often. What’s really asinine is when they come up for ≈5,000 runes… given that they only reduce the rune cost to complete the collection by ≈2,000. I agree, though, I wish Johann would ask for runes less often. (I also wish they’d eliminate the “speed sales” for wood/fish. I NEVER buy those because they’re a waste when you can collect fish/wood so easily, and they’re just annoying. Sales for card packs, which otherwise usually can only be bought with real money, are okay though. Maybe instead he should offer polished amber?)

Really? I almost always complete the special event collections, unless I’m not even trying. Getting items for regular collections can be a bit harder, though. (Do you not have the Snoggletog Toothless costume? That might make a big difference…)

My issue is with getting the items that you can only get searching with Legendary Dragons. The one that Crimson Gorecutter needs never seems to show up.

You only need three. I have two. It does, admittedly, require something like 2-3 years of effort to get Shellfire. For new players, that’s actually not too unreasonable; you’ll probably unlike Shellfire at some point along the way to unlocking all the other legendary dragons. It’s more an issue for us long-term players that already had all the other available legendary dragons. (Although I do tend to agree that it takes way too long to get amber. It’s virtually impossible to have more than 2-3 dragon statues at level 3 or better. Also, I’m still holding out for a ripwrecker statue, darn it. I’m in pretty good shape for wood collection, but fish…)

I’m getting close to what you described as the end of the game. I’ve been hoping that there would be an update that would add a new dimension to the game, ideas other than just adding more training levels for dragons. Like you I’ve tried to suggest an idea or two. The idea I am hoping to see implemented is the ability to breed dragons. I think that could add to just about every aspect of the game and keep me hooked playing it for a long time. I’d love to see how I could breed and train a flock of dragons with amazing abilities, or even trade some of those dragons with other players.

I liked your Idea, but I think it’s a lot of programming and designing of new dragons (the hybrid). It would take a lot time and energy to create them. Because with this there are several bigger questions to answer:

  • how should be proceed the hybrid programm exactly?
  • what are the requirement of a hybrid-creating ? (lvl of the player, lvl of the “parentdragons”?)
  • How many hybrids? (each dragon should mate any other dragon? you know how many possible hybrid dragon in the end?)
  • How is the hybrid dragon fitting to the theme of HTTYD 1-3 (no mention of hybrid as far I know…)
    But this lead me to another Idea…

New idea: Customize your own dragon

What do you think about a coloring customize of a Dragon? Would be that cool as well? (I can Image, with a basic customize tool to recolor Dragons (and plattform) it would be really cool (only for the base dragon, who are collectable by toothless). There would be more motivation to keep and collect dragon twice or more, maybe spend some little runes in there :slight_smile: If’s really loved by the people, maybe more thing to customize (new customize dragon-ground or the air of these dragon, like premium) Or would you say with this all the beautiful dragon (mostly premium or rare dragon) would worthless then? How About customize is only at max level possible, to keep the “wall-hitter” busy? :slight_smile: What ya think?

I think some people would enjoy customizing dragons. Personally I care less about what a dragon looks like, and more about what it is capable of doing. So in terms of the programming I would offer the approach of something like using the max and min of each dragons characteristics (e.g. food production, health, etc.) and use that to bound the capabilities of the offspring. I might do something fun like in some instances opening up those bounds by say 10%. Then the offsprings characteristics would be randomly selected from within those bounds, essentially using the dragons characteristics as virtual DNA. That way programmers create a process for generating dragons instead creating each dragon individually. After and as to how the offspring look, it could be as simple as using the body of the parent that offspring most closely resembles, and the coloring of the other parent. Admitedly I don’t know enough about how the programmers implemented the dragons to know how easy those ideas are to implement, but hopefully it offers an idea for a dragon generation engine that will automatically create dragons instead of forcing the programmers to individually program every single dragon combination. The nice thing about a dragon generator like that is that it would work for original dragons, hybrids, and every subsequent generation.

Flaco-Fox has some excellent suggestions. I am in a similar position to Flaco-Fox, reaching the “end game” with most collection dragons at 150. Particularly I agree with his suggestions for USEFUL costumes and search/journey/collection options for amber. I also do not spend time doing brawls because the rewards simply are not worth the time.

If amber were slightly more accessible, it would be great to have more dragon statues, specifically a gronkle statue, and reasonably be able to level statues up by shortening the time to make polished amber OR focus on raw amber. Such changes would certainly go a long way to keeping loyal players playing.

Thanks and kind regards,

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What rewards? Tokens are absolutely useless (increasing your dragons’ brawl level is counterproductive), and the wood/fish rewards, even the increased versions, are a joke. There are a bunch of rune rewards for completing an insane number of brawls, but that is literally the only purpose of brawl.

I stand by what I’ve always said from the minute it was introduced: brawl is the worst thing to happen to the game, period.

(To be fair, though, gauntlets are okay.)


I have to agree. Brawls are my least favorite part of the game, but I also do like the gauntlets.

The thing I dislike the most is that, as long as you are winning, the levels of the opponent dragons keeps increasing until finally there is no chance that you can win. It actually makes winning a brawl counter-productive and effectively removes any opportunity for brawls to be fun.

Hey there Falco-Fox and everyone who has replied to the post, I just wanted to pop in and say thank you to everyone who took the time to converse about your experiences on Rise of Berk. I have been keeping an eye on the post and reading all the replies, it’s really helping us to get an idea of how our long time players feel, what you like in-game and what has become lackluster.
Love seeing your cool ideas for what you’d like to see in-game, however some things are obviously out of our scope, BUT it is still fun and inspiring to read. We are listening, our team is just as passionate as you all are and we are hoping to make Rise of Berk a game players want to keep playing even after 4 years! :blush:


Love the new update. Do not love that you fixed the glitch with the Classic Pack. It use to be you bought the Classic pack and if it was no good you could shut down the game before collecting the whole pack and Odin’s coins would go back to normal. Then buy a Resource pack and the next Classic pack would be different. Now we are stuck with the pack we buy, why, why, why?? I don’t like it. We do not get enough Odin’s coins for this new way to work, especially with such low percentages for premium dragons.
On another topic, just a suggestion. I think it would be a good idea if the game were to ‘buy’ back any remaining collection items with amber, runes or coins when a time limited collection is completed. It is frustrating when items disappear into the mist and all counters are reset to zero for the next collection. It would give players a reason to collect items and make them feel better if they do not complete the collection.

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Congrats on the progress @Falco-Fox. I enjoyed the content. I don’t want to sound arrogant and I don’t want to be a buzzkill… but we are fairly close. I’ve asked Ludia if there is another player “ranked” higher than myself,semi-rhetorically, I have seen suggestions that others can’t win continually past a certain level, while I love the idea of adding more dragons, it’s laughable that I could beat all of the newest dragons 1 v. 3 with 5-7 of my other ones. Great Idea and Great Options! Except I have seriously considered how nobody thought how"ridiculous-bogus" the roll out/addition would be to players who have level several level 22-24 dragons mixed with 4-5 level 5??

Anyways, I’ll get off my soap-box and get back to my main reason for posting… Great Idea and Great Information

*I have all of the islands
*130k battle points( I like your suggestion re- choosing which Dragon gets what!) It won’t happen…( 5000 runes for winning 20000 battles​:joy::joy:)
*1000 victories getting keys. It’s not even a challenge. I don’t lose EVER!( lose=not annihilating all boats nor even losing a single dragon)

  • I have to call back dragons collecting Iron 2-3x a week because I’ll lose the resources if I don’t.
  • I used to have 4-5 challenges. I’m limited to 2.
  • Kudos to the Ludia TEAM, great content and worthy of praise.
    *No comment regarding the “entities Executives-Board”
    *They know everything about us. If they made it kind of transparent. It’d bankrupt them" Some of the information is semi-available. ( It’s a huge process to find…)

I could continue but it’s “not rigged” and I don’t have the energy.
:triangular_flag_on_post:- I still play… Why? Because I am not willing to walk away yet, I have a sliver of hope that once they have to rely on the actual game to monetize… HUGE CHANGE!

I won’t ask why you have bothered to level up your dragons that high, but… this issue would be significantly mitigated if the probabilities of what tokens you get was heavily weighted to give you tokens for lower-grade dragons. I have enough tokens to advance several of my highest-grade dragons by 2-3 grades, which I will never do because it’s counterproductive; meanwhile, yeah, I have a whole bunch of dragons that are useless because they are 5+ grades behind, and I never get tokens for them.

To be clear… I have thousands of tokens for dragons that I will never advance, and can’t get a measly dozen tokens for low-grade dragons. (I’m not talking about heroic/champion dragons either.)

BTW, if you can consistently kill every boat in Defend Berk, I’m very impressed… that’s really hard, even with generous use of the flare, some fleets are stacked in a way that makes it nearly impossible to get all the stragglers before the main boat sinks.

I agree in regards to the items disappearing. It’s hard enough to collect the ones you need. They shouldn’t get taken from us just because a new collection is offered. We should be able to keep all our items and use them on future collections. So I guess my preference wouldn’t be a buy back option with amber, although that would still be better then losing them.

Why is it counterproductive to level up your dragons in brawl?

The last update was really nice, because we finally got some new features and I love the new season market.
Yeah and before that we just got new dragons… So this is the way the updates should be
Except you haven’t fixed the amber problem for a year now so please do that.
-> e.g. at level 3 of Eret’s boat the price of raw amber should reduce, because now you only multiply all the stuff by upgrading the bout and that’s a little useless

But it’s going a good way!

…because the opposing dragons’ grades are based on your own dragons’ grades; leveling them up just makes your opponents stronger while weakening the rest of your roster. (So, technically, this isn’t true for low-grade dragons, but it’s very true for your high-grade dragons.)

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