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Did anyone else get a feedback form on Lovelink asking a lot about how we feel with price, gem use, etc? Because I did, and it makes me feel sad. I feel they completely ignored what I said, because the gem prices when it comes to choices have increased! Yes they listened to the fact that I needed 3 options of responses instead of just 2. But there are even more gem options now. It costs a lot. For people like me, who can’t afford to keep buying gems, I end up having to wait for the daily free and ads just to increase my gems a bit. Then I would have to wait until I reached the desired gem choice, which will take A WHILE. Of course I want to have a good time on the dates we go on with the characters, share intimate moments, etc. But I can’t believe they ignored what I said about the gem options that it was a little much. However, now it’s TOO much. This is sad. I actually thought they would do something about that because there was a feedback form. I can’t speak for everyone, but the gem choices are too much for me.


Absolutely! A lot of people have complained about the gem prices being too high. I also gem collect and it sucks when that they gave us a survey only to completely ignore us and raise the amount required. T


We have all complained about the pricing balance since day one.

I doubt a single player who completed that form said “hey you’re selling yourself short, please raise the price of premium options and add more paid options while you’re at it!”

I’m sure everytime one of us flags the gems issue on here, they add more gem options as punishment :laughing:.


Ludia is just doing what a good majority of game publishers do. They’ll fix the things that will keep you playing but will barely touch/won’t touch the things that make them money. :roll_eyes:


That’s just sad. They should consider the other players too. Not just those who can actually afford the gems. It’s sad because the gem choices affect the story, like if you can’t choose the gem, the character will be disappointed in you, upset, and sad with you. Then the story doesn’t progress. It’s so upsetting. :pensive:


I think that was retaliation if you ask me

I honestly hope they do something about it… :pensive:

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I agree. They should consider the players who can’t afford to buy gems as regular or at all in some cases. But while there are people who will regularly buy gems, the likelihood of them changing their monetisation methods are slim, unfortunately.


Fairly certain they ignored allll of us! We all complained and they doubled down!

Did get more options and I did vote no on the “blow a kiss” feature and that still happened

The premium choices only help you level up relationships and give better dialogues and scenes. But they don’t change the ending.

But Jonathans story angered because being caring and supportive costs gems, being a selfish jerk was free. Now we have two caring options that cost gems and being a jerk is still free.


Same thoughts with the last part. Yes, they gave us three options as mentioned in the feedback, but the degree is still gems = caring, non gems = uncaring. That just sucks. The reason we asked for 3 options is that we can’t afford the gem choice and we don’t want to be a jerk. So give us a third option. BUT NO. They did give us a third, but it costs AGAIN.

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:heartpulse: :**σmg í wαѕ ѕtαrtíng tσ thínk thαt ít wαѕ σnlч mє whσ fєlt thíѕ wαч αвσut lσvє línkѕ fєєdвαck fσrm αnd thє fαct thαt thєч єndєd up dσíng thє єхαct σppσѕítє :imp:σf whαt mσѕt σf uѕ thє uѕєrѕ/plαчєrѕ σf lσvє línk hαd ѕtαtєd whαt wє αѕ uѕєrѕ/plαчєrѕ thσught lσvєlínk nєєdєd tσ dσ αnd αdd íntσ thє gαmє єtc…ín σrdєr tσ єnαвlє uѕ thє plαчєrѕ thє αвílítч /luхurч σf вєíng αвlє tσ fullч єnjσч thíѕ αpp σr juѕt prєttч much wαntєd fσr αll σf uѕ whσm αrє αctívє uѕєrѕ/plαчєrѕ σn lσvєlínk αnd í mєαn єvєrчσnє σf uѕ nσt juѕt thє vípѕ σr whαtєvєr чσu wαnnα cαll thєm thαt cαn αffσrd tσ ѕpєnd mσnєч αѕ íf ít grσwѕ σn trєєѕ; whích thєrє αrєn’t thαt mαnч σf thє wєαlthч ѕσ tσ ѕpєαk whσ plαч σn lσvєlínk. í juѕt dσn’t undєrѕtαnd whч thєч muѕt fσrcє uѕ tσ hαvє tσ ѕpєnd αnч gєmѕ juѕt tσ ѕhσw σur lσvє íntєrєѕt ѕσmє lσvє αnd thєn whєn ít cσmєѕ tσ αctíng líkє α в*tch/wítch/jєrk ít’ѕ uѕuαllч thє σnlч σptíσn mσѕt σf uѕ єnd up hαvíng tσ chσσѕє ѕíncє lσvєlínk hαѕ вαѕícαllч jíppєd α lσt σf uѕ plαчєrѕ ín вєíng fσrcєd tσ hαvíng nσ σptíσnѕ tσ вє αвlє tσ fullч єnjσч thíѕ gαmє αѕ ít wαѕ mєαnt tσ вє plαчєd αccσrdíng tσ thє αppѕ wσrd fσr wσrd dєѕcríptíσn σf єхαctlч whαt kínd σf fєαturєѕ αnd luхuríєѕ wє wíll вє αвlє tσ єnjσч whєn plαчíng σn lσvєlínk??? í dσn’t undєrѕtαnd whч thєч wσuld dєlíвєrαtєlч dσ єvєrчthíng thαt mσѕt σf uѕ hαd ѕtαtєd σn thíѕ fєєdвαck fσrm fσr whαt wє díd nσt wαnt tσ ѕєє σr єхpєríєncє cuz thαt’ѕ juѕt вєíng ѕtrαíght up :imp:єvíl :imp:wíѕhíng thαt lσvєlínk wσuld αctuαllч líѕtєn tσ thє thíngѕ thαt wє thє plαчєrѕ/uѕєrѕ ѕuggєѕt fσr thє gαmє αnd αctuαllч mαkє thσѕє ѕuggєѕtíσnѕ cσmє tσ lífє ѕσ tσ ѕpєαk ѕσ thαt єvєn uѕ plαчєrѕ whσm αrєn’t vípѕ cαn αctuαllч єnjσч σurѕєlvєѕ whílє plαчíng σn lσvєlínk! gσd íѕ thαt díffícult fσr pєσplє tσ вє ídk juѕt вє α nícє αnd gσσd pєrѕσn??? cuz pєrѕσnαllч í αm ѕσ ѕíck αnd tírєd σf pєσplє αlwαчѕ вєíng juѕt plαín rudє, mєαn, díffícult, єvíl, єtc…ít íѕn’t hαrd tσ juѕt вє α nícє pєrѕσn nσw íѕ ít hσnєѕtlч ** :heartpulse:

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In my opinion all conversation options should be free.

I can understand premium emojis to power up the relationships bar faster, or paying for photos. But paying to chat with your flirt is extracting the urine.

I also feel that ViP is a rip-off. I would go ViP if it unlocked all premium options, I mean, you pay monthly so it’s not like you’re getting anything for free, right?


I did fill out the feedback form and they did the exact opposite of what anyone of us suggested!?!? So why bother sending out any kind of form asking anyone of Lovelink members what we are liking about Lovelink and what we are hating about Lovelink :black_heart: :pleading_face: :broken_heart:. Then they also ask if we have any suggestions but it’s like whatever we say goes in one ear and out the other

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So I recently lost my phone. And since there’s no save progress in Lovelink, I have to repeat everything… AND I spent on gems and now it’s useless. Goodbye progress. WHY do they not have a link transfer or save progress. UGH.

I agree. Starting over is no fun

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So I downloaded Lovelink again, and what first appeared was an option to SIGN IN to save PROGRESS. Now they do this, when I have to start over! All those gems I spent, gone. :frowning: So now playing through it again, I can’t choose those gem choices I know I chose before because they’re expensive. SO I end up sounding like a jerk. :sob: This sucks… Why does everything have to be in extremes? Either you care, or you’re an a**. Can’t there be a middle choice WITHOUT gems that gives a medium level of emotion. I hate this. :sob: