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[Feedback] Jurassic World Alive | Battle Balancing 1.11 discussion

And then no is just keeping it like it is and no, but fixing it another way is find well another way to fix it

Ok so then my answer is “No. It shouldn’t have these changes." Because I think it should be nerfed another way

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Give Maxima a reason to use its strike. Let it inherit Definite Strike from Ardonto, we need it to have a way to remove evasive stance if we want a counter to Procerato and Indo2.

Proceratho is a real problem Dino this update, with both of the top two Dinos losing Definite Rampage. I’d really give it a stat nerf, say around 3.1k HP and 1.4k Attack. It has too much going for it and far too much survivability for a speedster between stacking distractions and dodges

Consider giving Mutual Fury negative priority?


If you’re going to make drastic changes to any Dino that’s fine but boosts need to be fully refundable so I can take them off Draco and replace them onto another Dino if I decide the changes are too big a nerf. This half boosts back thing is nonsense! People pay a lot of money for you to render them useless

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Just to back up what many are already saying… The P2W system of boosts is already annoying, but nerfing badly a dino that people spent a lot to boost… is just wrong in so many levels…


Let me just put this here too


Maxima needs the definite rampage, maybe lower its damage and increase health. Either increase the damage of Indo2 to 1.5k or keep the 1.4k damage and give back definite rampage, Indo2 needs the DR. Leave Draco as it is.

Indo2 doesn’t need anything, it already does everything in one move.

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Exactly plus it need counters for it super ultra rampage after being boosted with mutual fury.

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Just gonna put this here

  1. the mechanical changes to Dracorex Gen2 and Dracoceratops and how their roles have changed in the meta
    Their role has not really changed substantially. This is another change whose purpose is to to remind us that you still don’t totally understand why DC makes so many otherwise sane people foam at the mouth and scream and focus absurd levels of attention on it. It will be close to impossible to “fix” DC without either nerfing it to the point that it cannot hurt anything, or changing it till it’s unrecognizable. The issue is how it gets used, and the kind of player who is drawn to using it that way, whose style of play it reflects and complements. One can use it as part of a strategy that is complex and no less sportsmanlike than any other dinosaur (my husband uses his that way, and gets angry at all the mindless rage targeted at DC), but most of the time it’s kind of like a thug or a bully, hiding in the shadows, biding its time, till you are weakened just enough for it to appear out of nowhere, it gets to hit you first no matter how fast you are (though DC is normally on the slow side) and can often kill you instantly. There is something about being on the receiving end of that kind of attack that is just brutal, the surprise element feels very unfair, and then it’s salt in the wound if it’s able to heal and run away before you can revenge-kill it. If it retains the ability to use this strategy, and surprise-kill with no chance for its target to do any damage, it will continue to be the choice of bullies, and inspire rage.

  2. feedback regarding Regenerate and Run
    Good catch! you almost let one of my favorite members of my team continue to hold its own and fill an important niche. But thanks to your inexplicable nerf (which reads like you’re desperate to avoid the impression that you’re singling out DC, like you think that Edmontoguanodon is JUST LIKE HIM, which would be incorrect), he’ll probably be less effective, and go from tipping the balance in my favor maybe about 2/3 of the times I use him to hopefully at least 1/5 of the time instead. Maybe because there is a lot more to Ed’s kit than hit-and-run, and maybe because an important part of his ability to survive is being able to both heal and split when he is taking too much damage (which I do not use every time he goes into battle, but I use it enough), the cleansing part of his regenerate and run seems critical to its usefulness. There has been no uproar about Ed being OP, or calls to nerf this part of his kit. I wish you’d channeled that in a more appropriate direction. This is just the latest example of getting a team assembled with good balance, who work well together, until you target the one I enjoy the most and kick his teeth out. Meanwhile, I’m sure that Screechy Nightmare (utasinoraptor, already OP and then overboosted to get plugged in to every unoriginal clone’s lineup) won’t be touched, and it’ll retain its spot next to Allosino and Thor and have a little less trouble playing the same not-at-all clever moves and helping the clones “earn” trophies. While being as annoying as possible, and/or being the reason people mute their phones before going into the arena.

  3. Ardentismaxima and Indoraptor Gen2’s battle balancing
    Don’t have Max yet, or Indo G2 (the last round of fusing got me SO CLOSE but not quite enough to bring it to life yet) so no opinion. Even if I get either of these soon, I lack the context of what your balancing replaces. Though given some other contexts where I’ve been treated to what you call “balancing” I would not be shocked if you made one or both of them even more OP or over-nerfed, because it seems to be what you do.

The introduction of bypassing evasion is a bit too much for basic move. Remove the bypassing evasion, damage remains 1.4k and give back DR.

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I think DSR is fine but go with ur flow if ya think that good for it who am I to say no ya must agree with me

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Dracoceratops is much better with the new changes. It was a vital and very necessary change. Even the pro-Boost players need to understand that.

The only change DC needs now is to lose regeneration or at the very least it needs to lose the ability to remove the lock down. Rather than make it a cycling one trick pony, make it a surprise finisher.


Ardentismaxima did indeed need a nerf and don’t listen to Ardentismaxima whiners that last patch of it was justified

But give it back definite rampage.

Nerf the damage to 1050 and the crit to 20%

Then it’s fine.


Reduce what cautious strike does it shouldn’t do that much its madness

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Whatever changes are made, you MUST refund all the upgrade points users have spent so far on the tweeked Dino.

E.g. Dracoceratops. Someone upgrades it 20 times, spending 2000 points on it. You guys come along and nerf it. Do they get all those points back or do you make them do the in game rip-off only get 50% back?


Besides expressing our opinion, I think many players are also curious on your reasons of many of your decisions.

My questions are below :

  1. How do you vision Cautious strike ? Because you seem to not think that is ridiculous to have a basic move that have that much of effects going on. How do you justify yourself saying that it is a “defensive move” when it is a combination of minimal speed up strike, cleansing strike, distraction strike, evasive strike and precise strike ? If Cautious strike is “defensive”, then what would you describe the above basic attacks ? “ultra hyper defensive” ?

Just like many others, I think cautious strike is ridiculously strong since they 1st day of its existence. I personally would scrap it completely and give it something much more reasonable. I hope I don’t have to tell you what means reasonable. Instant charge is already an OP move and anything that has the same level of power with it is already OP. Don’t even mention sth stronger.

  1. You mentioned that you want to make Draco a finisher rather than something that can keep swaping in and out. But a 40% health damage is still a lot, especially towards health tanks. Most importantly, it eliminates the need for players to boost its attack, so that all of the boost can be used in health and that actually makes it harder to kill and easier to swap out and in again. Not to mention you drastically buffed its attack. It is completely not necessary if you want it to be a finisher.

  2. Ardentimaxima has a worse moveset than its legendary. Fix that.

  3. It’s a question - if regeneration and run doesn’t cleanse, does that mean the creature will not cleanse distraction, bleed etc ? I think it is hard to tell how much impact this change is because there aren’t much regeneration and run creatures and they are not exceptionally popular right now. Maybe we need to see after some time.

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You’re being sarcastic, right?? This thing does everything but make me breakfast! It’s far beyond broken. If (like SS used to be) you can just spam one move for an entire match and still win, it’s busted!

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Cautious strike needed a nerf not a buff. Most people just CS until the rampage kills you. Even if it gave spd up, dodge and cleanse it would be much more balanced. As if it nearly guarantees you’ll take virtually no damage on top of cleansing and spd increase, its ridiculous and you are fully aware of it.

Ardy should keep DefRampage and just lose a smidge of atk. It has a role to play that the change practically eliminates entirely.

Just revamp Draco head to toe. A swap in Def strike would be fine. Get rid of regen and give it a more appropriate move set and while you’re at it take promimus down a peg too. You’ve thrown the arena way out of balance and you literally don’t care