[Feedback] Jurassic World Alive | Battle Balancing 1.11 discussion

1a. Dracocerotops: Tho many like the % based damage, there is still another issue to be resolved. Its regen allows it to abuse its swap in continuously, so not much will actually change. (more on how to do this at #4.)
2. Indoraptor G2: its cautious strike is too powerful. it does too much stuff for a basic ability. at least 2, maybe 3 of those abilities need to come off. i recommend speed up and cleanse, but a poll should be up for the players to help decide.
3. Ardentismaxima: It should keep its definite ability to help the metta with dodge and evasive creatures. A better way to balance it is to decrease its damage so that chompers can deal with it.
4. Regen and Run: It’s an interesting move change. However, it changes how cleanse works for a single ability, rather than cleanse as a whole. I would recommend changing cleanse for all creatures rather than just regen and run users.
4b. changing cleanse: Cleanse should not be able to clear the lock down effect of a swap in, or any lock down effect for that matter. This will keep Dracoceratops from continuously using it’s swap in and make it a finisher like intended without the necessary need to change its swap in ability. Creatures like ceratopians will also be prevented from doing the same. Sidestep users like quetzorion and phorusaura will not be able to run or swap out as quickly, preventing any abuse of swap in dodge or swap in stun+ instant rampage. prowl users like smiloceph and smilonemys will also need to stay in the fight for an extra turn, preventing them from an almost continuous loop of damage and swap in stuns when they are the last two creatures in the line up.

  1. 40% calculation is rather easy. Just do times 4 and you’ll see the number (plus an extra one). For example: 4180 = 1672(0). Easy! Took me 4 seconds to calculate accurately, <2 seconds to estimate roughly.
  2. True, but we’ll also see less rats. Which is a good thing. Just because it’s ugly and gives me nightmares.

Ardentis: Proposed change seems fair.

Indo G2: Cautios strike was already way overpowered for a basic move. The addition of having it bypass evasion is unneeded and honestly pretty ridiculous. This move needs nerfed badly, it should only supplement the rest of its move set, not be a spam every turn move. I feel CS’s power takes away from its other moves, like mutual fury, which give this dino a more unique battle style.

DC: Nerfing it’s swap in ability has been a long awaited relief for most players. I would propose to remove the regeneration as well, or at least lose its priority. I see this move as being just as much a problem with DC as swap in rampage. That much priority damage should come with a drawback, instead most players can regen, swap out, and gain access another swap in rampage later in the match.


As much as I like Cautious Strike, I’ll admit, it needs to be nerfed. I’m a bit apprehensive about the new ability to bypass evasion/cloak.

I’d be happy if you’d get rid of the evasion bypass and cleanse. Indo G2 is already immune to Distraction, and Mutual Fury can already cleanse. And for the Definite Rampage - I think it was perfect as it was. It was a different class of powerful beside the OG Indo, and the Definite Rampage was that reason. If you’re gonna take it away, at least give her Precise Rampage. Though I’d rather just have Definite back.

Regenerate and Run - I can see why you took out the cleanse ability. If that was the case, then you would’ve called it “Cleansing Regeneration and Run” or something like that. But, it does make the user still viable to being trapped. Unless you at least gave Edmonton the “Immune to Swap Prevention” deal, I’d be fine with it. But I guess I’d have to see it in action.

Even though I don’t have Ardentismaxima, think she was perfectly fine move wise. A strong and powerful Unique, with its own checks and balances. It could slow, then rampage everything in sight, as did their predecessors. Why not let Ardentis be a viable step up from Ardento? The sheer power of Ardentis was enough for me to want her. I love a strong herbivore hybrid, so I’m always cross when something happens to them, for the worst.

As someone who dislikes being a constant victim of DC ratting, I’m perfectly fine with the change.

That’s all from me for now.

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Dracocera’s change will probably be very good for the game. We’ll know better when we use it.

Maxima might get crushed by dodgers now. Even Indo1 will probably beat it. It could use the Definite Strike from Secondo. I say swap Maxima’s and Ardonto’s basic move.

Indo2’s Cautious Strike is too OP. It shouldn’t speed up OR shouldn’t cleanse. That would also make Mutual Fury even more crucial for it to get an advantage.


nearly all 1000 posts have already answered this here:



Or you can do this (warning: math is involved):
Ex: 50% × 3000 = 1500 - (3000 × 10%) = 1200
3000 × 10% = 300
3000 : 2 = 3000 - 300 = 1200

Except it’s 1200, not 1350 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s fine


:man_facepalming: but how ?
Ohh nevermind i notice it :man_facepalming:

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it’s not 10% of 1500 but 10% of 3000 :slight_smile:

I love indo G2 ludia, and I think it makes sense that it is more powerful than regular indo. However, more powerful doesn’t mean it needs to be broken. Just give it back definite rampage and take away precise, speedup, and cleanse from cautious strike and you’ve got yourself a powerful, yet manageable creature. Please consider this ludia


Yes i know
I did it in my head so give me a break.

I’ll reserve judgment on Draco change until I see it, but the idea sounds good on paper for stopping the insta-death of speedsters in 2-2 situations. And for early drops there’s always Erlidom and Erlikospyx.

Ardentismaxima: as everyone else said, instead of removing definite rampage, either nerf its HP or attack, or replace definite rampage with precise rampage.

Indoraptor Gen2: Please stop stuffing Cautious Strike with so many effects! When we asked for a nerf to that move, we did not say it does too much damage, we said it gives Indoraptor Gen2 too many advantages. It’s ok for Indoraptor Gen2 to get defensive first turn to set up for its strongest attack (definite rampage). It is NOT ok for it to: become faster than the fastest creature you have on the bench while protecting itself and throwing an unavoidable strike while removing any debuffs (bleed, slow) and being immune to distraction and stun. You want Indoraptor Gen2 to choose instead of constantly picking the obviously better Cautious Strike? Make it pick between a true Cautious Strike (Defensive) with distract+dodge+cleanse and Mutual Fury (Offensive) with power up + speed + cleanse at the cost of being damaged 1 turn!

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If Maxima is losing Definite Rampage, I would like to see a precise/definite/nullify strike or impact. It doesn’t need two decelerating moves.

I think it would be a nice gesture to offer boosts back at full value on any creatures that have their roles or move sets changed in an update.



A break you shall have :slight_smile:
Anyway, calculations were and still are even more complicated when armor is involved.
How much is 40% of 3419 hp with 30% armor? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good luck doing that in 10 seconds.
Maybe you’ll get used to it and it’s more of an estimation thing after a while.


U challenge me?

In a duel to the death? Sure, name a time and place :wink:

Oh, you mean a math duel?

Sure, let’s meet at 84/23+18 hours CET.

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10 charct

The 40% calculation isn’t an issue for non-armored dinos. When it is 15% armored or 40% armored, becomes more complicated and lengthy since the move does not break through armor.

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