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[Feedback] Jurassic World Alive | Battle Balancing 1.11 discussion

What I don’t understand is why Dracoceratops can’t be reworked 100% like Sarcorixis was. Sarcorixis’ swap-in was completely removed and the moves were redone. Still useful, but completely different in terms of purpose.

Like others have already said, the main problem with DC is that it constantly swaps in and out AND regenerates HP by 50%. For most dinos, it’s not possible to take it out in one turn, since the most powerful moves are delayed by 1 turn. This allows DC to KO a dino, regenerate, run out and after a while, comes straight back in to do the same. You always take about 50% of the health off, and it simply regenerates because regeneration is a priority move (and again, aside from IR, all instant moves have a delay).


Dracoceratops is acceptable now, as is Dracorex GEN 2. I still don’t like them, but they are objectively tolerable now that they can’t drop 4k bombs on you repeatedly.

Ardentismaxima must retain Definite rampage, though if the price is a damage decrease I’ll accept that. Precise upgrades would also be acceptable. This hybrid is crucial to countering evasive creatures.

Indoraptor GEN 2 should not have Cautious Strike buffed to also be precise. That move is already crazy good. Being precise on top of cleansing, speed up, dodge, and distract is broken.


I posted this in the release notes thread so posting again here…

@Ludia_Developers @Ned You asked for some specific feedback, so here it is:

  1. You need to take regen away from Draco. That will prevent the abuse of the regen/swap issue that is plaguing the arena right now. If someone still wants to boost draco’s attack, that’s fine. Most of us can deal with a rat attack at the end of the match…what we can’t deal with are the players boosting the health of a rat to insane levels and swapping in and out because you can’t one shot them.

  2. Indo Gen 2 doesn’t need a buff on CS…the opposite. Remove one of the features of its basic attack and it levels its OP status a bit.

  3. Maxima should keep definite rampage to counter the Indos. Reducing its attack a bit would also level it out.


Caution strike is not to powerful…it’s the boosts…all these crying ppl all the time…


It does five things in one move


Agree with you completely on feedback instrument. An in-game survey would allow for much wider feedback and a more honest assessment. Many people might be afraid to share their true opinions, especially regarding DC, on this forum due to the magnitude of negativity an opinion not shared by the most prolific forum participants would elicit.


Lol I love Indo2, but I won’t defend Cautious Strike being nuts.

In equal level no boost tournaments Indo2 can spam it and potentially sweep a team


True I think that be good if could be like for each Dino it’s like

Indoraptor gen 2
Should it have these change Implemented

  • Yes it should get these changes
  • No, it shouldn’t have these changes
  • No, it needs fixing in another way

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  1. Just get rid of regen for Draco. While trikes now have some regen abilities (25% with dig in), there is no reason for Draco to have a full regen, since there are no regen moves on the Draco/Stygi/Pachy side. Maybe give it a shielding move, instead?

  2. Nerf HP for Ardentis. Taking Definite Rampage away has no real basis. The difficulty of defeating Ardentis was never Definite Rampage, it was the combo of very high HP and Immunity.

  3. Leave Regen and Run as is. Draco is the only real problem dino when it came to cleansing swap-out prevention. While Edmonto and Paramaloch can be annoying, they don’t have damaging swap-ins, so they are possible to deal with.

  4. Cautious Strike should be 1x atrack with Dodge (maybe Distract), but it should not be a self-buffing move. That is what Mutual Fury is for. (Also, I think that would work better with Mutual Fury anyway, because speeding up beforehand only puts you in danger)


What changes are you talking about though?

1.11, it keep cautious strike but also adding bypass evasive, losing 100 attack bring it to 1,400, and losing definitive in for DSR

And then no is just keeping it like it is and no, but fixing it another way is find well another way to fix it

Ok so then my answer is “No. It shouldn’t have these changes." Because I think it should be nerfed another way

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Give Maxima a reason to use its strike. Let it inherit Definite Strike from Ardonto, we need it to have a way to remove evasive stance if we want a counter to Procerato and Indo2.

Proceratho is a real problem Dino this update, with both of the top two Dinos losing Definite Rampage. I’d really give it a stat nerf, say around 3.1k HP and 1.4k Attack. It has too much going for it and far too much survivability for a speedster between stacking distractions and dodges

Consider giving Mutual Fury negative priority?


If you’re going to make drastic changes to any Dino that’s fine but boosts need to be fully refundable so I can take them off Draco and replace them onto another Dino if I decide the changes are too big a nerf. This half boosts back thing is nonsense! People pay a lot of money for you to render them useless

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Just to back up what many are already saying… The P2W system of boosts is already annoying, but nerfing badly a dino that people spent a lot to boost… is just wrong in so many levels…


Let me just put this here too


Maxima needs the definite rampage, maybe lower its damage and increase health. Either increase the damage of Indo2 to 1.5k or keep the 1.4k damage and give back definite rampage, Indo2 needs the DR. Leave Draco as it is.

Indo2 doesn’t need anything, it already does everything in one move.

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Exactly plus it need counters for it super ultra rampage after being boosted with mutual fury.

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