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[Feedback] Jurassic World Alive | Battle Balancing 1.11 discussion

I am fine with most of the changes, but Maxima needs to keep definite. Without that, indo, indo g2 and erlid off the top of my head lose hard counters. Decreasing health/attack would be an acceptable change in order to keep definite. This would help maintain a balanced portion of matchmaking that is already in place.

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Nerfing maxima’s hp won’t do much for most dinos to take It out. It will still slow and then rampage for the kill. The damage is what doesn’t allow what should be her proper counters (chompers) to take It out. It’s the damage that needs to be nerfed. A hp nerf will just make It worse against the dinos It should be countering but still defeating(fast dodgers and high damage speedsters mainly) and still not countered by chompers. So my take is that in terms of matchups in the arena only the damage nerf is necessary to reach proper balance.

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The whole point of the change to Maxims would have been to make their new cash cow IncomeRaptor uncounterable, it ensures its on every team getting coins and boosts bought for it…why you think they giving and selling so many of it’s componants lol, need to put it on every team for more sales.

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With this change to these dinos. My request would be the return of boosts used on these creatures. The most recent boost change already messed up how we handled their power ups and now this one messes that one up. For instance I maxed out my Draco’s attack, forfeiting speed, and some HP and I maxed out my Indo speed, forfeiting HP, and some attack. Now I need to rebalance them again to accommodate these move updates. To do that I need my boosters credited back.


First off, I appreciate the balance changes to all the problematic dinos. Almost all that is.

  • Indoraptor G2’s Cautious Strike needs the removal of a few effects. I think distract and speedup keeps it in a good position.

  • Maxima was nerfed in the wrong way. Definite Rampage should have been retained, with a health reduction being the nerf. 5.4k in 1.9 was perfectly reasonable, and should have been left at that.

  • Well done on the Dracoceratops changes. Keeps it viable but not broken.

  • Procerathomimus desperately needs a mild nerf too. Not a big one. Reduction to 1.8 stats would be perfect.

  • Things like Diloracherius and Utarinex were severely hurt in the past few updates, and I think they need some buffs.

  • Please, buff Monolorhino. I can already tell that it’s going to be underpowered with the kit it has and the stats of it’s ingredient hybrid. We want to use a unique rhino on our teams!

You guys are taking steps in the right direction, and nothing makes me happier than you all listening to community outcry. You are so very close to being good to go with balance changes, and I think the changes I listed above will be the best course of action.


I will try to be fairer as usual for each cases.

I have some reserve until i play this patch but it seem for me.

-Dracoceratops and dracorex are kinda “fixed”.I want to play it to say if its ok or not.Unlike some people which seem to constantly whine.

-Indo G2 got 2 nerf (-100dmg lvl 26) and the remove of definite defense shattering which is ok,but this was not the most important,i prefere you completly fix cautious strike and give him back +100dmg and the definite instead of this.
Cautious strike will now provide:
-a cleanse
-speed up
-An evasion
-will remove evasion
I mean,don’t you really think there is a problem?at least remove all the cleanses so we can bleed it!

He clearly needed a nerf…I don’t think this was the solution…
He is a sauropods ,he shouldn’t be able to break throught shield,so i would remove his defense shattering rampage by a define armor piercing rampage.
For his stats,put his crit to 15% and maybe a little bit of his damage.

-Regenerate and run:I never had problem with that

Furthermore i would like to talk about some others untraited pains:

-proceratomimus:He need attention i think,he can only be taked down by the other immune creatures we are talking actually.I think he need a slight dmg nerf(-50) and an HP nerf

-Geminititan: As ardentis:Those 2 monsters are completly out of controle and they both share the 2 first stronger place of the top tier creatures.He maybe need a dmg nerf…(probably not his hp since it gave him something unique)

Well thats all i have to say actually,i wait so the team start to work on a DECENT counter on all the IMMUNE META.
So you can put the system back to normal,maybe you should create something which deal extra damage or get damage reduction from immune creatures.

For moment,i saw it but end game…
distraction start to be useless since every creature is immune to it as is stun
slow still have use against those indoraptors (gen1 and 2)
So please,do something which will counter efficiently those immunity without making them useless

After the last update we lost 11 players from our Alliance, this is going to cause a similar problem. People spend time, effort and money on getting a certain Dino to a level they want - as I did with Draco and then people whine about it because basically their dinos aren’t as good and what happens, it gets nerfed. Indo Raptor is total dog poo now, Thor is ok for two hits. Stop messing with the game and spoiling it, I get you want to revolve but how’s about introducing a trade stand for dna or something like JW Park?

I’m annoyed that Drac is being dumbed down all because people got upset.


@Gray was just talking about the trade dna the other day with an alliance member. The ability to request 1 dinos dna from the entire group is alright but not very effective since everyone is trying to gain the same dna most of the time or you have tons they need and you can only donate 5x. It would be a great help and keep alliance members more loyal if there was direct DNA trades between alliance members. That would allow us to help lower tier players and open upper alliances to these lower tier players.

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And now the flag parade comes in because they disagree with what i said, hahahaha way to prove my point.

By the way flagging somes posts due to not agreeing with what it said was recently made to not be allowed.

Thank you whoever tried to censor my post and force their point of view against me simply because you didnt like what i said.


The regenerate and run is confusing, isn’t it supposed to cleanse itself totally even pinning? So what’s the use of regen right if your not able to cleanse everything?

On ardentis, please do not remove definite rampage, please find another way to nerf it but don’t remove definite rampage.

As with indo g2 please do not upgrade cautious strike anymore it is already a strong move as it is.

Well with dracocera, you are trying to lessen its impact but other players are going to increase its health via boosts, maybe change its swap in to rending impact? Or to savage impact, it really changes the game because you have to be aware once dracocera is out there, and is still alive, you know it’s going to come back and hit again. Just my opinion. Thanks ludia.

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Definitely Messenger. We lost loads when the originally brought boosts in, then we managed to get numbers up and they changed it again. Since the original introduction of boosts we’ve managed to hit Rank 5 on alliance missions twice! All this messing is spoiling the game, yes bring in new dinos but don’t mess about with others.

I don’t have Ardento or whatever it’s called and yes it usually takes me a Dino and a half to kill it but that’s the game and I just deal with it. All this moaning about Draco is comical really, I wasn’t a fan at first I just accepted I’d need to play catch up!

So um @E.D what the verdict on the update cause from all these forums it pretty clear what people want so ya might want tweak some things alright.

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Na you just got upset because it took you down so many times. I was the same at first then I just got on board with it, I’m almost level 30 now and it’s quite well boosted so I imagine I will work with the changes however disappointing they are.

I dont deny it took many of my dinosaurs down, but i dont see that as a negitive towards my play style, just the ridiculousness of the tactic :slight_smile:

Dracoceratops looks… interesting with this new change, I’ll need to see it in arena before I make any comments on that. Ardentismaxima deserves Definite rampage back. If anything, give it a bit of an attack nerf, but still let it break dodging; not enough dinos can. Indoraptor G2 imo was fine as it was in 1.10, it did not need any changes except a bit of a health nerf. Cautious strike did not need to be buffed, and it did not need to lose definite. Regen and Run is fine I guess

I do wish to apologise if my post seemed aggressive or whatever, I understand why someone would use Draco for massive swap in attacks as it is effective, i just dont like it, it just seems to cheapen it for me in some way, so i dont want you to think im trying to attack you for it…I try to pride myself on being on the side of the community so.

That being said im human so lol, tend to get a little touchy when it comes to talking about the things that ruined the game for me (the tactic not the players).

But back on topic I think finally doing something about it was a step in the right direction, however from what ive been reading it seems set that the Indo2 may end up much worse…hopefully its not allowed to run rampant as long as Draco was.

Time will tell!


No need to apologise, I didn’t take any offence and I don’t think I flagged you (not intentionally anyway).

I’m sure we’ve all felt like throwing our phone or iPad out the window at some point when we lose :wink:


Draco does get vilified a bit too much… but only a bit. I tried it briefly before boosts and found it a boring strategy, I haven’t used it since and I haven’t suffered for it however there is no way for a reasonable person to deny it’s a crutch tactic. Draco wasn’t complained about because people “can’t beat it” its complained about because it damages the games strategy, this is an old discussion honestly and there are literally volumes of in depth explanations of how and why. The bottom line here is people have gone all in on a dino that was destined to be smacked down and now that its happening their undeserved wins win dry up. I’m sure we’ll hear all about your dramatic slide in the rankings but you should really question 1 thing, if 1 dino was your whole strategy do you deserve to win?

Its funny you say that, one of my episodes of my puppet show had one of the characters break his phone after losing “700” straight matches and then getting a 15min incubator lol

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Draco itself wouldn’t be such a problem if people wouldn’t abuse it. Boosts 2.0 just made Draco worse. Like Thor Draco became a monster pumped with boosts. I never used it in arena, at least not intentionally (forgot to remove it from team few times after epic strikes before boosts were introduced).
Adapted to counter it and tried to get it out in early stage of battles. Thats why I always kept Erli on bench to clean it.

Draco problem was that was able to beat full health and slightly damaged dinos. Thats why so much hate against it.

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