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[Feedback] Jurassic World Alive | Battle Balancing 1.11 discussion

If we have a boost reset, rats will persist for a while. If not we might see a few fodder Rats.

Ok i believe that like as many others have pointed out that the Catious Strike, just makes Indoraptor gen 2, way more god tier than before, i say choose between the dodge or the precise it just evens it out. I do get why they did it and on paper its smart, but people are gonna Abuse the move because its just so overpowered with all the buffs(and debuff) it has. Also pleas i beg you give my Ardentis his definite rampage back​:pray::pray::pray:

I stopped playing the game for about two weeks…I was literally religious about playing. I come back to see these “balancing” changes on 3 dinos I’ve invested time, money and boosts (which I wouldn’t miss if they were done away with altogether). Makes me wonder why I opened my app today :roll_eyes:

Personally, I think Ardentis should not have lost Definite Rampage; there aren’t many creatures that can counter dodgers in the late game anyway. Not to mention, Ardentis (with its Immunity) was one of the best ways of swatting down annoying Indoraptor G2s and Procerathomimi.

I don’t entirely mind Cautious Strike gaining the ability to bypass Evasive/Cloak, but I think it does way too much, and makes it way too hard to counter Indoraptor G2 (especially in scenarios where people might lack some of the harder to create counters e.g. in Tournaments, or the mid-late game where they might not have Uniques like Geminititan). Remove the Distraction and Speed-up effect, and then if it’s required, slightly buff Indoraptor G2 statwise.

Cautious Strike should become Cautious Swipe and only do .5 damage OR remove it as a base attack and add a cool down of 2 turns. It’s a far too powerful move, especially now with the added ability. You’re literally making Indo G2 the most broken creature in the game.

I disagree that Max was OP but if you NEED to nerf her (and you don’t—Max was never an issue), a slight reduction in attack (by 75 points) and a small armor reduction makes more sense than change Definite Rampage to DSR.

As a side note: please poll the community more when it comes to arena balancing. The Max and Cautious Strike changes caught a lot of people off guard.


I’m with the majority when it comes to the indo gen2 cautious strike. Too many features packed into a single move that has no cooldown, so it definitely doesn’t need more buffs. Either add a cooldown or decrease damage. Indo gen2 can’t be more powerful than its unique version, use some common sense here.

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agree with your side note. people who play the game regularly can easily tell how to balance creatures. an in game survey/ poll is the best way to go when figuring out how/ what needs changed. they don’t need to give us every detail, just simple “what about this creature needs a change. A, B, C, D or None would suffice” And possibly a second poll on how that choice needs changed. But getting the community involved will help for the most part.

Also, why does indo gen2 have 2 moves that can both cleanse and speed up? It doesn’t make any sense.


Better sales pitch, the stronger and more OP something is the better the community uptake, and this means sales sales sales!

Let the boost and coin sales roll in, with IncomeRaptor leading the way!

Makes perfect sense to buff it even stronger!


Need to remove Cleanse from Cautious strike.

Draco I’m leaving until I have faced a few times.

Now the big one…
Maxima HAS to keep definite rampage
Nerf the HP or Attack


Ardentismaxima - Moderate your approach here.

I understand and agree with the need for balancing on this creature, but I’m not sure I agree with removing Definite Rampage. I regularly get smacked down by this creature if I don’t have an immune counter-dino in my four, losing my opener and often a good chunk of my second… but Ardentismaxima presents a good challenge, and I like the matchup, even if I get behind in the count. Why? Because it’s a heads-up fight. Timing around the distraction, and judicious swaps. It’s a great fighter that looks like it’s totally OP, but it’s not unmanageable (contrast that with T17 speed Erlidoms and Procera and 147-speed Thors, which I face daily LOL.1). Finally, a killer sauropod! And I don’t even use it.

Ardentismaxima, in short:

  • Keep Definite Rampage
  • reduce the crit from 30% to 15%
  • lower its attack by 2.5%

Indo Gen 1: Back to the drawing board. Quick comments here - rethink your decision on the moves here. The hive mind is correct in its belief that buffing Cautious Strike, despite with the removal of Definite - results in an overall dangerous buff. I do use IndoG2 and when it’s good, it’s exceptional, but when it’s not, oof (P.S. Evasive is 43.6% for me over 74 trials, and that includes stacked Cautious Strike, so, yanno…. it’s not statistically tracking to its stated prob, just like Dioraja’s crit rate).


The proposed changes to Draco are at least a step in the right direction, but are a half-measure as it relates to what needs to change about this wretched creature. Moving Draco’s swap-in rampage to a 0.4 rending-style attack is going to have a real, beneficial effect on the number1 of infuriating swap-in deaths and losses I sustain, since all the Dracos I face have 1,700-2,100 (LOL.2, really?) attack and SIR delivers a lot more than 40% of my team’s average non-armored HP. But even with this lowered swap-in damage, I 1can envision an even greater prevalence of lower-level Dracos, all of them with tons of HP boost. If you can’t one-shot them, they’ll just cycle-through regenerate, swap, sacrifice a hit, and repeat. Draco needs to carry a higher penalty for its use, whether it’s nerfing its SIA further, or removing Regeneration, or removing its 2X attack after swapping-in, or limiting it’s swap-in frequency with a cap… something. It’s still too powerful.

Draco, in short:

  • Lower the rend to .30; AND
  • Remove regen (if it’s a finisher, then it’s a finisher, and ONLY a finisher); and/or
  • Apply a 2-turn delay on its rampage (or, take away its 2X move)
  • Lower its attack overall.

More thoughts about Draco: Now that I’ve given constructive feedback, let me color it with my strongest opinions about this awful thing. I really can’t overstate how wretched, awful, and hateful this little game cancer is. It has completely cut-off my spending on the game since January, and has caused my son and wife to quit (so multiply my embargo by three VIPs and HC buyers). It’s that bad… no, it’s worse. It’s bad enough that I’m embarrassed for you for even including it. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not. What on earth can possibly justify your rationale for this stupid creature? Lots of games (and storylines) need a villain; this is not that. This is pure rot. Nothing justifies a sucker punch player. Swap-in high attack moves are a huge mistake. Draco makes me hate the game, and hate players willing to use it (say what you may, Draco users, while I understand and give a bit of grace to the “I need to use it to keep up” motivation, using Draco proudly is pathetic and I reserve no derision for players who feel this way). Even facing brilliant, strategic, clever players with Draco, where I’d usually be excited about a smart defeat, it doesn’t matter… I hate Draco. Draco spamming is exponentially more evil than strategic Draco use. I’ve seen no justification for Draco’s inclusion that convinces me of its merit. The “Thor too powerful” thing? Nerf Thor; don’t introduce a game-killing demon. Sorry and Uno may have been our first introduction to game-reversing moves, but, as above, this is not that.

Other users have suggested “self destruct,” which in my heart of hearts, I want (hat tip @Fiskmasen_SWE). Delete it - delete Draco. I don’t care if you reset my L30 Uniques to L21 and I have to rebuild; get rid of Draco. If there was an auction amongst users to REMOVE Draco, and it required a minimum contribution of 20,000 HC for each bid, I’d go back to spending just to remove it. BTW, @roosterbear, I appreciated your response too.

SO, when you evaluate the detractors’ angst, and err on the side of saying that it’s just the exaggerated internets, just re-read what I posted, and understand that I’m not alone in my sentiments or the amplitude of my hatred.


It isn’t because someone’s dinosaurs aren’t good.

When Dracoceratops was introduced it was rubbish. Utterly pointless for its rarity. It was fixed but made far far too powerful. Boosts didn’t help in that regard either. These new changes will help balance Dracoceratops out while still giving it a worthwhile role.

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No… No… Please, no… Put my Draco back with his swap rampage. I have worked so hard with tier on his strength… Now all his strength is useless, juste the HP’s opponent is important… A low level draco is now equal a high level draco. So unfair… No, please, go back

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Can’t really tell if you’re serious or not.
If you are, then I can only giggle. Rat got what it deserved and it was long coming.


Karma at its finest


not really though… in my opinion they should have given it swap in self destruct instead, but i guess this is atleast better than nothing :unamused:

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Personally I think DC should be something like

Health 4020
Attack 1000
Speed 115
Armour 10
Crit 5

Min speed up strike
Acute stun
Dig in
Swap in savagery

Low level draco is only equal to a high level draco in regards to the swap-in move. A high level draco is still stronger with its rampage move.

  1. IndoG2 is too broken, in particular its primal move is too much OP.
    I suggest caution strike should have x1 damage, purification and decrease 50% of attack (so removing increase speed and cloak). In alternative it should have x1 damage, purification and clock.

  2. Ardentismaxima should have another instant move instead invincibility. But I don’t agree with removing his precise strike

  3. Dracoceratops: I agree with change if its swap in depends only about the enemy HP and not depends on DC attack. If so, I’m happy this legendary dino get out from the meta.

  4. With the new boost system introduced in the last update, you should change the stats in some campaign levels cause there dinos are overboosted

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Thing is Draco isnt used like a proper dinosaur, just as a bomber to abuse over and over again thr whole match.

Draco with its OP swap in was toxic as, a total cancer of the arena. Heck it even once had swap in DSR vomits