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Feedback on dinos


I’ve been playing since the game started, I’ve seen some good changes bad changes and some changes I didn’t really like but it was for the good of the game. Ive actually spent way more money on this game than anyone should ever spend on a mobile game in my opinion. Also I pay for VIP. I’d like to provide some feedback for changes. Thank you.

Dracoceratops: why is this common common legendary dino so freaking powerful?please seriously downgrade this dino. I’d recommend one of the following

  1. cannot swap out or 3 turn swap
  2. Remove regeneration
  3. Change from defense shattering impact (4) to either defense shattering impact (3) or armor piercing impact (3)

Dracorex: why is this common so powerful.
Change defense shattering impact to either

  1. Defense shattering impact (2)
  2. Armor piercing impact (3)

Stegodeus: wish the rampage would go back to armor piercing impact.

Spinotasuchus: should be stronger.
1.change strike to nullifying strike or superiority strike or distraction (3)
2. like to see some kind of low armor

Suchotator: change instant distraction to regular distraction.

Thank you

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@Justin_Larson knows everything on this subject.


I kinda like the way things are. I don’t use the Dracs yet, but I don’t mind battling them either.


@Justin_Larson knowseverything about every subject :heart_eyes: lol

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I agree Dracocera and drac g2 should lose defense shattering, simple rampage would make them require thought and strategy without a complete conceptual overhaul. Spinota on the other hand, I have to disagree. Its already a strong dino in the meta and that feels like an “I want my toys to be the best” request.

  1. can’t swap out for a 3 turns. If you can’t kill a Dino in two turns…really?

Stegod is fine

Spine is a pretty powerful for a legendary.

Always appreciate constructive feedback, ty.


I agree Steg is good just my own personal feedback it use to do simular to clease and armor piercing move and they really down graded it from what it was but I do agree it’s a great dino tank for the legendary.

For stino feel the suchotator has a better move set for a rare being compared to a legendary.

You can kill a dino in two moves no problem but with the regeneration move I’ve left the dracoceratops with 3-50hpbleft several times only to have them switch out and use it again. I feel the dracoceratops is just a cheap move at time.


I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the original stated dinosaurs, but am I the only one who thinks Paramoloch should get like Shielding Strike or Superiority Strike? Like both of its parent dinosaurs has a special strike (shielding from Stygi & Soup Strike From Para) so why does Paramoloch only have a regular strike? I don’t know what Paramolochs hybrid has, but maybe this could Applie to it aswell? Idk…


I agree shielding stike would be nice to see on that one too.