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Feeding Costs are a Litte... Fishy

So I noticed, that level 30 Tournament creatures have same, if not better stats as compared to level 40 Legendaries. But, while observing the feeding costs, I realised that level 20-30 Tournament creature feeding costs are in fact less than level 30-40 Legendary creature feeding cost, while in terms of ferocity the both of them are similar.

Is feeding cost based on ferocity or rarity? I observed this pattern earlier today and was quite curious as to how the feeding costs are decided.

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If you compare them on a different basis,a level 21 to 30 T. rex to a Level 21 to 30 Megalosaurus or so

Yeah that’s true, but I was wondering why, in fact, in terms of ferocity and feeding cost, I don’t see a link…

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Level and DNA cost has a link. Ferocity has a impact on one field, but there are other factors as well. Ferocity is not the only factor among many others.

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