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Feeding creatures without evolving them

I heard this idea sometime ago and think it’s pretty decent one. It’s a shame that you can’t feed your animals when they’re maxed out, as many of them have some very interesting animations. An option to simply seeing the eating animation without the creature evolving should not be too hard to add. Thoughts?


Personally I would not want to use my resources for no gain. Also I would not have the time to feed all these creatures.

No in-game food would be used. You’d just see the animation


This is one of the things I asked for on the last questionnaire. It would be nice to be able to watch your dinosaur actually do something rather than have it just stand there looking like a dork.


Agreed. While not the highest thing on my list, it’d be fun to see the feeding animation. As my child grows, one of the things we do together a lot is to play this game. He likes to see the dinosaurs/fish/turtles/mammals, and it’d be fun to have an additional animation besides petting (though we’ve discovered you can also zoom in to the animal as well as get 360-degree views).


It would be nice for them to have multiple different animations, maybe more interactive possibilities.